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Murasaki Keiretsu

The Murasaki Keiretsu is a conglomerate corporate entity that was formed in BYE 95. The CEO is Murasaki Ryosei, of the Murasaki Clan. The corporate headquarters is located upon White Harbor Station, in the Anisa System.

Murasaki Keiretsu Logo

About the Murasaki Keiretsu

โ€œLooking Towards That Far Horizon.โ€

White Harbor Station The origins of the Murasaki Keiretsu can be traced back over a century prior the establishment of the Yamatai Star Empire, forming around the Murasaki Clan's original Trinary Star Shipping company. That original company and the larger Keiretsu's corporate headquarters are based upon White Harbor Station โ€“ now located within the Anisa System system.

In the past the Trinary Star Shipping companies growth accelerated after several successful and lucrative trade deals. Word of the companies reliability began to spread, bringing the organization to the forefront of civilian shipping and trading within the Kikyo Sector. Using much of their accumulated wealth the Murasaki Clan has over the last few decades expanded their trading fleets assets and begun to diversify their collective holdings by forming new subsidiary companies and assuming control of others. This has resulted in their assets evolving from their original trading and shipping fleet to a moderate-sized and successful multinational conglomerate with interests in general trade, mining, tech development, manufacturing and vehicle construction.

The Shachล (President / CEO) of the Keiretsu and Daimyล of the Murasaki Clan is presently Murasaki Ryosei.

Corporate Goals

  • To provide a comprehensive range of versatile and reliable products for the interstellar community.
  • To profit from enhancing the interstellar economy and fostering greater trade between neighboring star nations.
  • To provide employees a rewarding environment for professional development and growth.
  • Exceed customer expectations in all business areas.

Plans for the Future

The Murasaki Keiretsu has entered into a new growth phase โ€“ expanding beyond its previous interests in just shipping and deep-space mining. The organization has begun to venture into the fields of tech development, machinery export, ship design and manufacture as well as biological and medicinal research.

There are also further plans being developed to expand into the fields of agriculture and planetary colonization in the wake of Hoshi no Iori's destruction and the subsequent loss of its food exportation.

Murasaki Keiretsu Corporate Information

Corporation Statistics
Established BYE 95
Chief Executive Officer Murasaki Ryosei
Employees 474,000 (Approx)
Associated Organizations Murasaki Clan, Yamatai Star Empire, Independents
Headquarters White Harbor Station, Anisa System

Major Holdings and Subsidiaries

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