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Murasaki Biotechnology

Murasaki Biotechnology Logo

A Murasaki Keiretsu Subsidiary

Murasaki Biotechnology is the biological and medicinal research, biotech development and manufacturing division of the Murasaki Keiretsu.


Murasaki Biotechnology (MB) is a commercial medicinal / biological research, tech development and manufacturing company based within the Yamataian territories. The company headquarters, research and primary fabrication facilities can be found upon White Harbor Station in the Anisa System System. Murasaki Biotechnology is owned by its namesake, the Murasaki Clan.

The Senmu (Executive Director) of the company is Murasaki Aoi โ€“ wife of Murasaki Toru, an Assistant Vice-President and COO of the Murasaki Keiretsu.


After several years of finanacial preparation the Murasaki Biotechnology company was formed in YE 34. As a new company, it has little-to-no history worthy of note.

Information about Murasaki Biotechnology

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