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Nayacesen Industrials

A TC Company

Established in the middle of YE 33, Nayacesen Industrials was created by Takeyu Nayacesen as a way to fullfil his fathers wish and his own. The goal of the company is to mine for resources to be sold to clients but to also develop technology that favors the industrial and mining sector, which is often overlooked during both war and peacetime. The company is a operating subsidiary of the Tamahagane Corporation. With a contract to utilize the Geshrin shipyards for constructing both current and future starships.

NI is a not a military contractor, but rather, a civilian company - even though there is likely to be a military styled ship that may come from the companies Research and Development laboratories. The company employs a small number of employees, and employment in the company requires a strict background check since the company also handles mining operations and does not want to risk operations being leaked to competitors or plausible pirate organizations.

Corporate Stats

Company Statistics
Established YE 33
Employees 9201)

Notable Company Employees

Takeyu Nayacesen, Takeyu is listed as missing.

Mason Petryia, has been offered to remain vice-president of the company. A decision has not been made at this time.

Current Operational Ships

SS Kozan Maru Shime - serves as a mobile HQ and the main mining ship, unique SS Mishen - Kozan Escort,unique SS Yugami - Freighter,uniqie Nine Yimeya Light Mining Ship Ships

Ships under construction

NI uses the Geshrinari shipyards for starship construction.

Ship Status client number
Yimeya Light Mining Ship Under construction, 05/10/12 Self Five

Mining Fleets

The following is a list of fleets under hte control of Naycesen Industrials, they mine minerals that are then bought by governmetns and companies.

Mining Fleet Location Time before return Capacity Filled Capacity Avaialble Status
Aseron Somewhere… 5 Day(s) 40% 60% Hidden
Kerun Not created none none None None


A fleets status refers to what it is currently doing, there are several different status reports.

  • Active - refers to a fleet that is either in motion or actively mining
  • Inactive - not currently operating, either means its in port, or deactivated
  • Hidden - A fleet that is currently hiding out, their location is unknown. This usually only occurs when their operational area is threatened.
  • Destroyed - means the fleet was destroyed

Current WIPs

cirnama_heavy_frieghter - In planning stages Hydra Class Agricultural Ship - development stages

Ships Available for Purchase


  • Mineral storage warehouse - Kyoto, outskirts.
    • Secondary Mineral Storage Warehouse - Kyoto, outskirts.
  • Research and Development Facility - Kyoto, outskirts.
  • Refinery - Kyoto, outskirts. Completed Construction December 22nd.
  • Construction Factory - Kyoto, outskirts, location right beside Refinary.


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
100000 KS 100000 Loan
85000 KS 15000 Purchase of warehouse and facilities
585,000 KS 500,000 Purchase of 50% stock by Tamahagane Corporation
642,000 KS 57,500 Selling of harvested materials
723,000 KS 81,000 Selling of harvested materials
700,000 KS 20000 Buying of materials and permit for mineral refinery
1,293,000 KS 563,000 Selling of harvested materials
1,093,000 KS 200,000 Buying of materials and permit needed for factories
2,122,000 KS 1,029,000 Accumulation of over eight months

Corporation History

The following details the companies history.

Corporate History

and growing

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