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NovaCorp Celestial OS Computer

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

The Celestial OS computer system was originally developed by NovaCorp for the No-Y1-1a - Celestial Yacht in YE 30.

About the Celestial OS

While not nearly as powerful as any military OS, the Celestial OS (COS from now on) is quite useful. It is capable of tracking 100 independent targets at any given time, and is more than capable of piloting the ship alone unless in an emergency situation, such as a pirate attack.

It has a sub-sentient AI, which is perfectly capable of communication with others about the ship itself, or coordinating landing/takeoff sequences. The AI is capable of being hosted by an Avatar, which can be ordered to the owner's specifications. This requires additional costs to the price of the ship. Another additional customization is the ability for the ship to be run by another computer system, though, as with the avatar, it is an additional cost do do this.

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