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Riot Drone

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NovaCorp Riot Drone No-J-2a

After the loss of the YSS Destiny to Nepleslian mutineers, Ephesus realised that there were problems with everything he had designed to cope with the situation. They were not made for a riot situation. As such he went into a bit of artistic fervour churning out dozens of designs. Only a few survived; one of them being the Riot Drone. Ephesus designed it so it could be implemented in any new colonization projects, or even in the Destiny if it went back to its true owners.

The Riot drone looks to have a vaguely humanoid top half, a metallic torso and head, but with two large gun like arms, and two other pairs beneath that, each one the size of a normal human arm. Beneath the waist they have multiple legs used for propulsion, the legs are in appearance identical to the Arachni drones, just larger. The Riot drone is designed to be able to non-fatally take down civilians, while taking most of the damage a mob could inflict on it.

Statistical Information:

Government: Available to all agencies. Organization: NovaCorp Type: Riot Drone Nomenclature: No-J-2a Class: Specific Class Name and Model Number. Designer: Ephesus Manufacturer: NovaCorp Price: 25,000 ks

Appearance: The Riot Drone looks like a combination between a spider and a man. The bottom half is like that of a spider, with twelve spider like legs. Where these legs meet is a spherical pod that the torso comes out of. This pod has small sliding hatches only a centimetre wide dotted over it. The Top half of the Drone is like that of a man, a torso of chrome, topped with a smooth head. As an irony the drone has a surprisingly real and expressive face, made from what looks to be flexible metal, and with a cold and unfeeling expression on it. It has been made to look as if it is judging everyone it looks at. It also has a good simulacrum of golden hair. What is not human like about the top half is that it has six arms. The top two are two large weapons, that can be a variety of different options, the second function as normal arms, and the bottom is a pair of powerful electrolasers.

Length: Three feet (legs) Width: Three feet (legs) Height: 7’3”

Speeds: The Riot Drone is very fast, capable of moving easily at 70kph. Range: The Riot Drone needs to be recharged every 12 hours for three hours. If all the weapons are used for a long period of time, the Drone will not last as long, perhaps 6 hours. Lifespan: The Riot Drone is built to last, it needs to be, and only needs to be serviced every 6 months.

Weapons Systems

The weapons on the Riot Drone are highly modular, since the highest arms can be several different weapon. Different ones are used in different circumstances.

Grenade Launcher (1 or 2):

This is one of the prime weapons of the Riot Drone. It uses an electromagnetic rail system to launch its grenades, which consist of a variety of different non-lethal grenades, including sonic-grenades, and canisters containing Oleoresin Capsicum (With a 5,500,000 scoville rating), 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, CS, CN or CR gas. The radius the gas effects varies differs with type, although it is usually in the tens of meters. The weapon uses clips that contain either four gas capsules or two sonic grenades.

  • Location: These weapons take the place of one or both of the droids top arms.
  • Primary Purpose: Anti-riot.
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-invasion.
  • Damage: Non-lethal damage. Can cause a variety of side effects. The Sonic Grenades can deal reasonable damage to the ears, brain and structures.
  • Range: 350m
  • Rate of Fire: The Grenade Launcher can fire one canister or grenade a second. It takes the Drone around a second to change a clip if it has one of its middle arms free.
  • Payload The Drones usually carry plenty of ammunition in the form of magazines attached to belts and bandoleers. There are enough to fire ten magazines of each variety, more if their selection has been specialised.

Multiple Target ElectroLaser (MTEL) (1 or 2):

This large weapon was designed to be used as a valuable weapon against riots and mobs. It has the ability to target up to ten targets at once, and use a laser to ionise the air before sending a powerful electric shock across it, easily capable of rendering them unconscious. The effect looks like bolts of lightning flying out of the module, and striking the crowd. It is not fatal unless you have a heart condition, and it only uses a specific voltage of electricity, partially to minimilise deaths, and partially so it is more time effective and can target others. It is especially nasty against those wearing metal. It has a more dangerous option where all of the electrolasers are focused on one target, causing a very powerful electric shock, far more than enough to kill. The MTEL can also be used to simply be fired at random, the electrolasers passing over targets like a moving lightning bolt.

  • Location: The MTEL takes the place of one of the Drone's top arms.
  • Primary Purpose: Non-Lethal Riot Supression.
  • Secondary Purpose: A lethal weapon.
  • Damage: Loss of motor control, loss of consciousness, burns.
  • Range: 50m
  • Rate of Fire: There is no needed time between shots beyond that needed to re-aim, but it is advised that there are breaks between extended periods of fire or the gun will over-heat.
  • Payload Effectively unlimited. The Battaries produce enough energy to supply the energy concerned.

Heavy Sonic Weapon (HSW) (1 or 2):

This weapon creates a cone of intense sound, using a number of different frequencies. It can use 7 hz for a frequency that penetrates concrete, armour and building materials, while resonating at the approximately the same frequency as the bodies internal organs, causing illness, deafness, and significant internal injuries. Another setting is a powerful ultrasound pulse that break the inner and outer ear, resulting in extreme pain and disorientation, even to creatures with great physical strength, and especially to those with sensitive hearing. There are additional settings, including lethal frequencies, and frequencies that can cause the collapse of structures. These aren’t there because they are necessary in a riot but because …. Ephesus wanted them. The average loudness is 150 decibels.

  • Location: The MTEL takes the place of one of the Drones top arms.
  • Primary Purpose: Non-Lethal Riot Supression.
  • Secondary Purpose: A lethal weapon, and anti-structure weapon.
  • Damage: Either nausea, deafness and internal injuries, or extreme pain and disorientation or the destruction of structures, or fatal damage.
  • Range: Varies.
  • Rate of Fire: The HSW can be used near constantly, however it is usually used in 15 second bursts, before reaiming and firing again.
  • Payload Effectively unlimited. The Battaries produce enough energy to supply the energy concerned.

Glare Device:

This weapon is in the center of the torso and works by creating an intense spread of ultraviolet laser, which creates very intense glare in the eyes, making it impossible to see properly. It has this effect on any one facing in the direction

  • Location: center torso.
  • Primary Purpose: Mob suppression.
  • Secondary Purpose: A lethal weapon.
  • Damage: Loss of motor control, loss of consciousness, burns.
  • Range: 300m
  • Rate of Fire: The Glare device is used constantly.
  • Payload Effectively unlimited. The Batteries produce enough energy to supply the energy concerned.

Eye Weapon:

This weapon is behind the drones apparent eyes (it’s actual sensors including visual are hidden elsewhere on the head and body). It emits a very powerful microwave beam of 95 GHz, which barely penetrates the skin, but causes immense pain. The pain disapearts almost instantly one it has been taken off the target.

  • Location: The MTEL takes the place of one of the Drones top arms.
  • Primary Purpose: Non-Lethal Riot Supression.
  • Damage: Immense pain.
  • Range: 1km, although it is unlikely to be used at that range
  • Rate of Fire: Can be used in a constant beam.
  • Payload Effectively unlimited. The Batteries produce enough energy to supply the energy concerned.

Micro Tranquiliser Missile Launchers (100):

Located beneath the small sliding patches on the pod which is connected to the torso and legs. It uses inch long micro missiles which use a small inbuilt computer to seek out a target, and inject them with a powerful tranquiliser. It is powerful enough to knock out even the strongest target, but carefully monitored to be non-lethal in almost all cases.

  • Warhead: Mircro Tranquiliser Missile.
  • Purpose: To tranquilise.
  • Damage: No direct damage, knocks out the target.
  • Range: 500m
  • Rate of Fire: Individual, can fire both in a second.
  • Payload 2 Missiles each.

Electrolaser Arms:

The bottom two arms do not have actual hands, but two electrolasers. They are usually used to strafe crowds.

  • Location: The electrolasers are the bottom two arms.
  • Primary Purpose: Non-Lethal Riot Supression.
  • Damage: Loss of control of body, unconsciousness, great pain.
  • Range: 50m
  • Rate of Fire: Can be used in a constant beam.
  • Payload Effectively unlimited. The Batteries produce enough energy to supply the energy concerned.

Normal arms:

These are not so much normal, as comparatively so compared to the other arms. They have hands. However they are significantly stronger than a human arms and faster, and the hands can be electrified. As such they can be used in hand to hand combat with great efficiency. They can also be used to simply manipulate the scenery, type on a key board or anything like that.

Legs (6):

These legs can be used for movement, but can also be used in mêlée, although they are not the razor sharp ones of the Arachni. They are much much blunter, but can still hit with considerable force, a typical move is to snap the knee or slam the tip into the stomach. This is of course excruciatingly painful.

  • Location: Around the platform the main legs are connected.
  • Primary Purpose: Melee.
  • Damage: Considerable bludgeoning damage, internal damage and snapping bones.
  • Range: 1m
  • Rate of Fire: Can attack twice a second.

Systems Descriptions

Shield Device: This device protects the drone through the creation of a conformal shield over the droids body (using multiple shield generators over the drone's body). It is very efficient against common energy weapons and light solid projectiles.

Delta wave saturation device: This device surround the are with Delta waves, which results in a significant decrease in the ability to focus and pay attention. They become drowsy, and lethargic, and tend to loose aggression.

Armour: The Drone is predominantly made from perfect iron, and with a chrome finish. The armour is especially thick on the torso, in fact around the central core there is a perfect diamond shield.

Computer Core: The computer in the Drone is advanced but barely sentient. Ephesus was tempted to give it one of his AI’s, but he didn’t think he could manage it right. He wanted something cold, and so he simply created an advanced computer with little personality. It is however still smart, and capable of spotting tactics and developing its own with ease. It works with perfect synchronization with other Riot Drones. The computer core is in the center of the torso where the most armour and shielding is. It is designed to be almost impossible to attack or control remotely without the right knowledge and codes.

Sensor Suite: The sensors on the Drone are reasonable, advanced optic sensors, capable of seeing at ten times better than a standard of a human as well as seeing into infrared and ultraviolet. They can hear the heart beat of humans, and the sound they make as they move, their foot steps etc. It also has a form of sonar, since Ephesus was becoming a little paranoid someone would steal his Plasmonic technology and use it against the drone. The sensors allow the drone to see in all directions.

Legs: The legs of the Riot Drone are spider like, with two a joint in the center. This allows them to move very fast and have great maneuverability, able to turn around extremely fast, and even jump quite some way into the air.

Communications: The Riot Drone has laser and radio communications. They can use heavily encrypted communications as well.

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