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Heavy Lasers

Designed in YE 31 these are basic heavy fighter guns for use on starfighters.

As their unoriginal name Implies, Origin's heavy lasers are high-powered laser weapons. They are normally found mounted on small craft such as fighter and shuttles, but can be found mounted on larger craft or even ground vehicles at times. Heavy Lasers fire Pulse lasers, pumping all of the power into a short pulse, which makes all the damage happen simultaneously. In this way, the lasers cause small explosions on armor and unarmored targets, caused by the materials suddenly overheating and flash-vaporizing. this Vaporization, which expands the material, causes wider damage than simply the local area of the hit.

  • Nomenclature: OI-V1-W3100
  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Fighter/Powered Armor
  • Range: 400 meters in atmosphere, 150,000 kilometers in space
  • Damage: Tier 7, Light Anti-Mecha
  • Rate of Fire: 4 shots a second
  • Price: 2,000 KS/unit
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons
Product NameHeavy Lasers
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Year ReleasedYE 31

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