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OIF Cashew

The OIF Cashew is a Jinkan-class Escort Owned and Operated by Origin Industries.


Member Position
nanashi_sumie Captain
“Sev” Security
“Earl” Security
“Saori” Security
“Oddlots” Technician
“Bolter” Technician
“Tsuya” Gunnery
“Roberto” Navigator
Hideki “Gummy” Norogumi Systems Management


The OIF Cashew is one of Origin's small number of Jinkan escorts assigned to escort duty of important origin projects.


The OIF Cashew is a brand new ship, built in YE 31 by Origin Industries. Its first mission concerned guarding valuable transports, where it encountered pirate raiders; the ship lead the escort into the local nebula. An eight hour long game of cat and mouse ensued. The captain was especially cautious and slow going, only taking risks when the benefits outweighed any drawbacks. Though the captain was criticized for being late in regards to the shipment, the SS Cashew's charges did not receive any damage, and the Cashew itself only ended up with some scratches to the paint job.



  • 500 lb Beef (assorted cuts)
  • 500 lb Chicken (whole)
  • 500 lb Pork/ham (assorted cuts)
  • 500 lb Fish (assorted types)
  • 1 ton breads (assorted types)
  • 500 gallons of water
  • 200 gallons of milk
  • 200 gallons of Soda-water
    • 50 jugs of soda-syrup (assorted)
  • 1 ton green vegetables
  • 250 lbs coffee beans


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