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Red Tsubaki

As a priestess at the Temple Of Chiharu in Kyoto, Ketsurui Michiko saw the devastation to the people of Yamatai as the result of the countless battles and wars that have occurred during her lifetime. She felt their pain when they came to pray for their families’ safe return home. Even after things started to settle down, she heard stories that some nations and systems were without proper medical care. Michiko decided that she wanted to do something more tangible for those less fortunate than listen to their prayers. She completed her medical training and contacted a trusted Yamataian supply runner, Hikyaku no Mikomi, for ships that they would be willing to donate to a cause of a Humanitarian aid mission to provide medical care wherever it might be needed.

The Ketsurui priestess went through her newly formed connections at the Medical school to find other doctors that would be willing to support her cause and formed the Red Tsubaki, to go forth into the stars with the tenet to “do no harm” and provide care to anyone regardless of allegiance. The group uses a flag representing a red tsubaki (camellia) on a field of white.


The Red Tsubaki are using old Fuushigi no Umi-class Escort that were sold to Hakunetsu Sirin in YE 30.

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OOC Notes

Kim created this article on 2017/08/08 22:35. This article was approved on 9AUG2017. NPC civilian group. Created for storyline closure and for setting flavor.

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