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RHI Type 43 "Ketsugi" Plate Carrier

The Type 43 “Ketsugi” (決議 , meaning resolve/determination in Yamataigo) Plate Carrier is designed to be used alone or with the RHI Type 43 "Paradin" Infantry Kit. It was released for distribution to Black Crane Securities and select clients in YE 43.

About the RHI-G4 Type 43 "Ketsugi" Plate Carrier

RHI-G4 Plate Carrier
YE Production Began YE 43
Designers Ryu Heavy Industries
Manufacturer Ryu Heavy Industries
Nomenclature RHI-G4-1A
Used By Ryu Keiretsu, Independent
Damage Protection Rating Armor: Tier 3, Shielding: Tier 2
Availability Mass Production
Price Vest: 350 KS / Plates: 100 KS


The inaugural product of the “Ketsugi” Body Armor line from Ryu Heavy Industries, The 1A model was developed to be used with their new RHI Type 43 "Paradin" Infantry Kit. Unlike the Megumi and the RHI Type 43 "Yuuki" Combat Helmet, the Ketsugi 1 model was developed exclusively by Ryu Heavy Industries with advisement from Black Crane Securities.


The Ketsugi is designed to be a modular component of the Paradin system.


A sleek plate carrier vest, thickness of the vest is about about 3cm at the torso and shoulders. The Kinugoshi-ko (Kin-k) paneling above the side plate pouches and up to the armpit are marginally thinner. A solid chest plate to the front and a similar casing to the rear can be seen above rows of horizontal Kin-k loops for the attachment of gear.

At the top of the vest is a collar. A large throat protector is attached to the top of the vest and the collar. The color of the vest depends on organization utilizing it, the plates are usually a polished grey but can be covered with dyed Kin-k. With the proper programming, the Omnihue can be activated to change the Ketsugi to any color, pattern, and display text or insignia. Black, black and red, olive drab, and RIKUPAT are common patterns and colors.

An Elysian variant (RHI-G4-1B) squeezes the rear down and replaces it with a Y-strap of Kin-k. The rear attachment loops are removed and the rear piece replaced with a much smaller version.

Skin Materials and Armor

The G4-1A Ketsugi Body Armor is a hybrid plate carrier. The carrier shell core consists of nitrogen-filled Yarvex Foam in between two layers of Kin-k. The innermost layer of Kin-k contains Dataweave, while the outer features Omnihue for changing the color and pattern of the armor and for displaying insignia (requires the proper programming). The chest of the vest is a thick solid piece of Osmiridium. The abdomen is protected with a plate located in one of 4 plate compartments placed around the vest (front, rear, and sides).

The large throat protector made of nitrogen-filled yarvex foam and Kin-k provides helps deflect shots. Integrated Osmiridium pauldrons complete the protection offered, which are attached to the Megumi Protective Vest with buckle clips.

Rows of heavy-duty Kin-k loops that form the Ryu Attaching Ladder System (RALS) are located over the plate compartments. They are compatible with Star Army of Yamatai modular pouches.

Osmiridium Plates

Weighing at 1.5kg each, 4 plates (one each for the front and rear, and one to each side) are designed to withstand significantly more damage than their lighter counterparts. Each is able to take 12-15 7.62mm rounds before being rendered completely unusable. Each are coated with Kin-k to add both further protection and to protect the composite from careless individuals.

Shields and Power System

Behind the chest plating is attachments for the osmiridium-cased shielding, communications, and power system of the Ketsugi 1A. The personal gravimetric shield, providing basic protection from scalar weapons, is located on the right side of the casing. The upper left contains a radio system linked to the individual via the Dataweave and Navitium based capacitors, while the lower half contains an easily replaceable Galactic Horizon Micro Core. The connections can be replaced, making the vest compatible with other battery systems.

The casing can be replaced with backpacks of various sizes that contain similar and additional systems.

Other Systems

Connecting to a Local Area Network via a cable hidden on the inside of the armor (designed for use with the Megumi brand suits), the 1A Ketsugi has data ports located with the vest's RALS. To accommodate different standards, the dataport connectors can be replaced with different connection standards.

Replacement Parts

The following section details replacement parts and their prices.

OOC Notes

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesmilitary equipment
Product NameType 43 "Ketsugi" Plate Carrier
ManufacturerRyu Heavy Industries
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)450.00 KS

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