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Styrling Everyday Armor Set

The Styrling Everyday Armor Set is a practical alternative to the paramilitary-focused Murr Armor personal armor set. The Murr is an excellent suit of armor for police forces, paramilitary units and other combat-frequenting individuals. However, to even further cater to the lucrative civilian market on in the DIoN, Styrling Vervaardiging released a set of concealable armored clothing designed to be worn anywhere, every day. The armor's main components are less costly than the Murr to purchase, but is nearly as expensive to make, making volume a driving factor in sales. It offers similar protection when compared to the Murr, but focuses on concealment and mobility. The main portion of the set, the vest, was test-marketed with white-collar workers as well as lower-class individuals.

The armor set is clearly targeted at Emrys Industries' BAU, which is the only product that could be considered a standard, though it it is frequently modified to suit the buyer's needs.

The name β€œEveryday” was adopted to help with sales on Yamatai, as the Nepleslian dialect normally used with Styrling products sounded too foreign in test groups.

Designer: Raquel Rindal Manufacturer: Styrling Vervaardiging Name: Styrling Everyday Armor (Sv-SEA-01a) Type: Personal Body Armor Role: Concealable VIP-grade protective measure Mass:

Vest w/o Durandium Alloy plating ~4.16 lbs (1.89 kg)
Vest w/ plating ~9.1 lbs (4.12 kg)
Trousers w/o plating ~3.6 lbs (1.63 kg)
Trousers w/ plating ~8.5 lbs (3.85 kg)


The Everyday Armor vest appears very plain. It looks like a bulky, fabric slip-over-the-head vest, white in color, with a large pocket on the front and back. It has hook-and-loop fasteners on the sides of the waist, and on the flaps of the pockets. The vest has a removable collar piece, as well as optional sleeves each attached via 4 hook-and-loop fasteners. The trousers look more like thermal underwear, being the same color as the vest. The fabric is lighter. As a bonus, the trousers and vest's outer layer are waterproof.

Enclosed between the outer and inside layers of fabric are multiple small pieces of Steenplast, layered in scales throughout the entire inside of the vest. The scales provide more comfort and mobility than molded plates or pieces. The scales are triple-stitched into the inside of the vest, and each is coated in radiation-resistant polymer to combat the effects of -ASER weaponry. Sewn on top of the inside of the vest is the same padded ballistic mesh used in the Murr.

The vest comes with a built-in, triple-stiched concealed pistol holster pocket. The holster fits all firearms sized as big as the Silver Special or smaller. It can be ordered or purchased for left- or right-handed shooters.

The female version of the vest is more tailored around the waist.

The trousers are the same as the vest, minus the inner layer of fabric found on the vest. The mesh, which is comfortable enough, is present instead.

Colors can be changed upon request.



Steenplast Plating A series of scales stitched into an enclosed portion of the vest. Made of Steenplast, a composite substance, it offers excellent protection at a reasonable cost. Defends well from solid-ammunition, laser and light plasma weapons, but poorly against directed low-coherence EM. DR 3

Radiation Protection Polymerase A light, flexible polymer plastic that has effective radiation absorbency nearly identical to lead, but at a fraction of the weight. Coating the scales, it grants limited but necessary protection from the horrendous radiation burns -ASER weapons are notorious for. No Effective DR

Ballistic Mesh Padding Made of high-tensile strength woven polymers, this highly protective textile grants additional defenses from the concussive force of a solid-ammo weapon, and can effectively halt a few attacks from a mundane bladed weapon. DR 1

Optional Durandium Alloy plating A lightweight metallic alloy, Durandium is normally incorporated for starship armor. But Styrling offers prefabricated plates for the vest, to offer a much higher level of protection at the cost of concealment. DR 5


Misc. promotions

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL all cost the same β€” a bonus!

Female versions can be altered for cup size. B-cups and below require no altering.

Each full suit comes with a coupon worth 100 DA toward a Silver Special.


Male or Female variants cost the same.

Full Set: 900 DA Vest Only: 500 DA Trousers Only: 450 DA Durandium plates (sold in packs of 2): 800 DA

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Wes on March 2, 20081)

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