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UMC Synthetic Bodies

Manufacturer: Stalwart Defense Industries, United Manufacturing Cooperative Distributed By: Stalwart Defense Industries, United Manufacturing Cooperative, Lorath Matriarchy, United Outer Colonies Peacekeeper Forces Fielded by: Authorized UOC Military Personnel and Select Qualified Individuals

With the separation of the United Outer Colonies from the Yamatai Star Empire, a demand was issued by the Empire for all Nekovalkyrja bodies to be returned to the Empire. Due to the demand, many thousands if not millions were separated from their military grade bodies and placed into civilian 'Jiyuuan' bodies.

While the UOC was deprived of their bodies, the Lorath Matriarchy was in possession of a body-type dubbed ARIA. The ARIA was originally developed as a military-grade computational unit and cybernetic construct intended for pilot and crew interaction. Due to the obvious advantages and capabilities of the ARIA body, the United Manufacturing Cooperative decided to modify the ARIA design with the cooperation of Stalwart Defense Industries to produce a series of bodies capable of sustaining a natural or synthetic consciousness.


The NI-ARIA has been designed to be utilized by the Peacekeeper forces of the UOC. The Type-1 ARIA body is intended for civilian and military operations. The Type-3 ARIA is designed for military applications.

The β€œNI-ARIA” is a Natural Intelligence model of the ARIA. The NI-ARIA is designed to be manufactured within a Type-1 or Type-3 ARIA body. Unlike the standard ARIA body, the NI-ARIA is designed to utilize the neural patterns of the individual mind which is transferred into the shell. With the use of the neural pattern of the individual mind, the ARIA growth and bonding processes are bypassed and the natural thought-patterns of the individual would fully manifest.

The NI-ARIA has been designed to also include organic components which would be commonly found in a majority of natural bodies. The following list indicates the synthetic and natural structures which are included within the NI-ARIA to add to the quality of life of individuals who transfer into the NI-ARIA Type-3 body.

  • Digestive tract
  • Reproductive organs
  • Simulated Pulmonary system
  • Simulated Cardiovascular system
  • Simulated autonomic responses

Biology Of Non-Synthetic NI-ARIA

The NI-Type ARIA of the Type-1 variety is designed to incorporate features from the natural-body to work with the synthetic components of the body. Type-1 ARIA variants can be made to carry-on traits based on the organic platform which the ARIA system is built into. Organic bodies available span the range of DNA available to the manufacturer. At this time, the DNA available to the UMC includes:

  • Nepleslian
  • Lorath
  • Helashio

The Type-1 body can also be made on an available DNA platform, but physically altered to emulate the appearance of other species, such as Nekovalkryja.

Appearance Of NI-ARIA

NI-Type ARIA vary in appearance between individuals considering the fact that the NI-ARIA body is custom made to each individual which will be housed within the body. The NI-Type ARIA body's appearance and structure can be made to emulate the appearance of any species which the manufacturer has DNA samples of, or can be made to merely physically resemble the desired appearance requested by the individual.

NI-ARIA Specific Prominent Features

:!: Note: Along with the following systems, the NI-ARIA includes standard Type-1 and Type-3 components :!:

Body Chassis

The body chassis of the Type-1 manufactured by the UMC are actually converted clone bodies which are augmented with full load-outs of cybernetic components which conform to the standard ARIA structural layout. The chassis includes muscular and bone structures which allow for physical performance comparable to Lorath Fyunnen. However, the body can be requested to have reduced or improved physical function.

Neural Processor Details

The standard neural processor equipment of the ARIA is carried over into the NI-ARIA. To aid in facilitating the transfer into the body, the computational functions of the ARIA's processor are decreased to allow for a seemingly 'natural' span of senses. However, the full range of the ARIA's processor capabilities can be activated at the whim of the user to allow for accelerated cognitive functions. Along with superior cognitive function, the ARIA platform allows for superior memory retention and recollection.

Reproductive Capabilities

To allow for individuals utilizing the Type-1 to live full and productive lives, the Type-1 NI-ARIA includes a fully functional reproductive tract. The reproductive tract includes a voluntary insemination system which allows for female body users to choose if they will allow their embryo to be inseminated. The reproductive system also includes a complex protein synthesizer which is capable of producing new embryos and sperm which carry the proper simulated chromosomes and genes to reproduce an accurate representation of the contributing parental units.

In regard to the actual function of the reproduction process, the neurological behaviors and physical actions are recreated to accurately mimic the natural sensations and actions in natural reproduction.

Reproduction Option

An option for reproduction also includes female-to-female compatibility by utilizing a 'genetic material injection attachment' which allows for the transfer of genetic material from one female subject into another.

Digestive Tract

The digestive tract of the NI-ARIA is designed to emulate the 'feel' of a normal natural body, minus the excessive waste produced by a normal digestive tract. The NI-ARIA's digestive tract functions by utilizing synthetic digestive organs which utilize the same technology as Lorath bacterial power cells to produce additional power for the NI-ARIA body. The bacteria are capable of dissolving organic tissues such as muscle, bone, plant matter, and other such material. However, the bacteria are engineered to become dormant once they are removed from a chemical solution which is present within the synthetic stomach which they are kept in. Leftovers from the digestion process consist of odorless gas which is simply exhaled and water soluble powder-like materials which can be passed as urine.

A percentage of material is also absorbed through the synthetic stomach and processed into material to replenish the organic and simple synthetic components of the body.

Simulated Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems

The NI-ARIA includes a simulated cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. These systems have been included in the body to make the body feel 'natural' to the user. Breathing, pulse, even the warmth of a blush can be reproduced by the body to allow for the occupant of it to feel like they're in a natural shell. However, to allow for these systems to serve a practical purpose they have been tied to actual functions of the NI-ARIA.

The systems are designed to regulate the temperature of the body, provide buoyancy through displacement in the event of water submersion, deliver materials to components of the body, and can deliver medications and drugs to the organic tissues of the body. In Type-3 units, the system allows for replacement materials to be injected into the cardiovascular system to replenish the synthetic components of the body.

Simulated Autonomic Responses

The NI-ARIA has been designed to accurately simulate the functions of a natural body in regard to autonomic functions if the user desires them to be expressed. Breathing, cardiovascular function, digestive tract responses, muscle twitches, itches, and other such non-voluntary responses to allow for a body to feel completely natural.

Long-Term Power Supply

Each NI-ARIA includes a QNC designed for cybernetic body usage and can be accessed through the navel of the body to have maintenance conducted upon it. The navel is designed with a bundle of 'muscle' materials which 'clench' to seal off the access point, or go loose to allow for access or removal of the QNC unit.

NI-ARIA Conclusion

The NI-Type ARIA is designed to be a suitable body for civilian and military tactical and labor applications. To receive an NI-Type ARIA, an individual serving the UOC Peace keepers simply has to request the body from the UMC and it would be delivered with the proper equipment to transfer the neural patterns from the original body to the new. Civilians however would have to pay 2,500 HS for the Type-1, and 5,000 HS for the Type-3.

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