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-====== C5c ====== 
-The C5c is a modified version of the [[corp:​wazu:​c5|C5 hull]] that supports grappling arms and a heavy-lift FTL drive. 
-===== About the Ship ===== 
-The C5c was originally designed to help transport [[corp:​wazu:​c5b]] type sensors to their final locations in deep space. It uses the basic hexagonal C5 hull, with four mechanical arms attached to the interior for manipulating objects. The '​reverse'​ engines have also been angled outward, making them less efficent but also allowing the C5c to reverse without damaging its cargo. 
-The ship intentionally lacks weapons to cut down on production cost.  
-<WRAP right 20em> 
-^   ​C5b ​ ^^ 
-^  Class Overview ​ ^^ 
-| Class |  C5-0ba ​ | 
-| Manufaturer |  [[faction:​uso:​usostarorganization]] ​ | 
-| Mission Specialization |  Telescope Array  | 
-^  General Characteristics ​ ^^ 
-|Type| ​ Science Ship  | 
-|Radius (W/ Antenna) ​ |  168 m   | 
-|Radius (Body Only)  |  76m  | 
-|Lifespan| ​ 15 Years  | 
-|Power Source| ​ Hyperspace Taps  | 
-^  Propulsion ​  ^^ 
-|Sublight| ​ 0.25c   | 
-|FTL (hyperspace)| ​ .25 ly/​min ​ | 
-^  [[guide:​damage_rating_v2#​armor|Defenses]] ​ ^^ 
-|Hull Armor| ​ SDR 20  | 
-|Shield Capacity| ​ SDR 10  | 
-|Shield Threshold| ​ 1  | 
-|Stealth| ​ N/A  | 
-|DRv3| ​ Tier 11 - Medium Starship ​ | 
-|DRv3 Shield Type|  Bubble ​ | 
-^  Detection ​ ^^ 
-|Optical| ​ Unlimited ​ | 
-|Subspace| ​ .5 LY  | 
-|Thermal |  Unlimited ​ | 
-==== Appearance ==== 
-The C5 has a hexagonal ring as a main body with a large antenna array extending out and behind it from each corner. The sides of the hexagon have thrusters stored in [[stararmy:​interiors:​standard_starship_cargo_containers|huge size standard star ship cargo containers]] that are bolted to the hull. In the center of the ship is a hexagonal fuel tank. The front of this fuel tank has a large, padded shield in front to protect it while transporting loose cargo. This fuel tank also has 12 huge cargo containers connected to it which house the ship's electronics and some additional power generators. ​ 
-Four large mechanical arms are located on the inside of the ship's hull facing forward, with FTL field generating pannels attached to the joints of the arms. Above and below are illuminating lights and short range optical sensors for tracking and catching cargo. 
-===== History and Background ===== 
-The original [[corp:​wazu:​c5|c5]] design was a fairly simple craft that was always intended to be modified and used later for other tasks. The second version of the craft was designed to work with the [[corp:​wazu:​c5b]]. The c5b being a large sensor platform without any FTL drive meant for long term use, while the C5C is a tug that can transport the massive sensor long distances. ​ 
-=== Deployment === 
-The C5c has an FTL drive adjusted to carry a large amount of mass, though this comes at the cost of speed, making the C5C quite a bit slower than other craft at FTL speeds. It is largely intended for moving large objects between areas in deep space. ​ 
-===== Ship Systems ===== 
-  * [[corp:​wazu:​type_38_starship_electronics_container|Electronics Container]] x12 
-  * [[corp:​wazu:​starshipenginecontainerye38|Engine Containers]] x36 
-  ​ 
-==== Armor ==== 
-The C5 is built with fairly simple yet sturdy composite materials throughout, with a focus on failing gracefully through well protected and redundant systems. For  [[guide:​damage_rating_v2#​armor|DR rating]] ​ purposes it is considered in the '​heavy'​ armor class. ​ 
-==== Breadboard ==== 
-The [[https://​​wiki/​Breadboard|Breadboard]] makes up the main superstructure of the craft. The six panels here contain both power and coolant distribution systems, allowing engineers to punch holes in the external shell to bolt in components to a shared network of power and coolant lines. The volume of this system stores more than enough coolant for the entire ship, which also doubles as reaction mass for the engines. ​ 
-  ​ 
-==== Shields ==== 
-The C5c has two fairly basic shield generators located at the top and bottom of the hexagonal main structure. These generators have been adjusted to project a containment field infront of the ship to help keep cargo together and to prevent objects like asteroids from breaking apart during transit. As such, this makes the shields considerably less effective against weapon systems. ​ 
-==== Subspace Sensor ==== 
-Extending from the corners of the main body of the ship are the subspace antennas. These sensors can track the subspace disruptions usually put out by super-tech such as Aether drives or gravitational manipulation. Like the other sensors on the ship, these are better at viewing objects further away, and are only marginally capable of sensing objects relatively close by with any accuracy. ​