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-====== C5e ====== 
-The C5e is a simple planetary lander and sky crane built from the generic [[corp:​wazu:​c5]] hull. 
-===== About the Ship ===== 
-The C5e is a redesigned C5 hull with some of the more vulnerable space-specific bits stripped away and replaced with heavy duty landing gear. This version of the C5 is capped at both ends, and can be used as a transport or sky crane depending on configuration. ​ 
-<WRAP right 20em> 
-^   ​C5e ​ ^^ 
-^  Class Overview ​ ^^ 
-| Class |  C5-01e ​ | 
-| Manufaturer |  [[faction:​freespacers:​white_lament]] [[planet:​188604]] ​ | 
-| Designer |  [[character:​heram_j._wazu]] ​ | 
-| Mission Specialization |  Dropship and Skycrane ​ | 
-^  General Characteristics ​ ^^ 
-|Type| ​ Utility ​ | 
-|Radius ​ |  140m  | 
-|Lifespan| ​ 15 Years  | 
-|Power Source| ​ Hyperspace Taps  | 
-^  Propulsion ​  ^^ 
-|Hyperspace Fold|  0.25ly/​min ​ | 
-|Sublight| ​ 0.25c   | 
-^  [[guide:​damage_rating_v2#​armor|Defenses]] ​ ^^ 
-|Hull Armor| ​ SDR 20  | 
-|Shield Capacity| ​ SDR 20  | 
-|Shield Threshold| ​ 2  | 
-|Stealth| ​ N/A  | 
-^  [[guide:​damage_rating_v3#​armor|Defenses]] ​ ^^ 
-|Tier| ​ 11, Medium Starship ​ | 
-|Shield Type|  6 Facing ​ | 
-^  Detection ​ ^^ 
-|Optical| ​ Unlimited ​ | 
-|Thermal |  Unlimited ​ | 
-==== Appearance ==== 
-The C5e has a hexagonal ring as a main body. The sides of the hexagon have thrusters stored in huge size standard star ship cargo containers that are bolted to the hull. Three clusters of 5 point downward and have jet black FTL field generation panels attached to the exterior. Clusters of 2 are used for precise side to side movement and are housed under the three heavy-duty landing arms.  Inside of the Hexagon and at the '​top'​ is a covered section which can be made airtight by sealing the bottom with a landing door that can be lowered down to the surface or removed entirely so that the C5e can use its inbuilt crane. ​ 
-===== History and Background ===== 
-The C5e design was put together in [[calendar:​YE_39]] for use on [[planet:​188604]] mostly to help with moving of heavy equipment. Since the design was going to be used atmospherically anyways, dropship components were tacked on as well.  
-===== Ship Systems ===== 
-  * [[corp:​wazu:​type_38_starship_electronics_container|Electronics Container]] x6, housed just under the top hexagonal area. 
-  * [[corp:​wazu:​starshipenginecontainerye38|Engine Containers]] x21 
-  ​ 
-==== Armor ==== 
-The C5e is built with fairly simple yet sturdy composite materials throughout, with a focus on failing gracefully through well protected and redundant systems. For  [[guide:​damage_rating_v2#​armor|DR rating]] ​ purposes it is considered in the '​heavy'​ armor class. ​ 
-==== Breadboard ==== 
-The [[https://​​wiki/​Breadboard|Breadboard]] makes up the main superstructure of the craft. The six panels here contain both power and coolant distribution systems, allowing engineers to punch holes in the external shell to bolt in components to a shared network of power and coolant lines. The volume of this system stores more than enough coolant for the entire ship, which also doubles as reaction mass for the engines. ​ 
-==== Cargo Bay ==== 
-The C5e has a large hexagonal '​floor'​ that can be lowered down to the surface once the ship has landed. This door is capable of being removed entirely so that the C5 can use its claw.  
-==== Claw, The ==== 
-The ship's main claw can extend downward nearly 300 meters and is equipped with a complex field generator. Rather than physically lifting an object, this field generator creates numerous electrostatic fields to gently grip objects of any size and keep them within a few feet of the claw's surface. ​ 
-==== FTL System ==== 
-Attached to the exterior of the ship are the jet-black panels that enable the ship to make an FTL jump. These are fairly primitive FTL systems, and are really only able to be used for FTL travel. All three of the attached panels are needed for FTL travel, and also assist planetary flight by generating a low level anti-gravity field. 
-  ​ 
-==== Optical/​Thermal Sensor ==== 
-The C5e has numerous [[corp:​wazu:​wz-g3802|small sensors]] for guiding it while planetside. ​ 
-==== Shields ==== 
-The C5 has six fairly basic shield generators located around the front of the hexagonal main structure. These generators can project the standard anti-gravity distortion shield for protecting the ship against scalar attacks as well as the more conventional electrostatic barrier that can absorb projectile and energy attacks. ​