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Tokyo Brewing Company Ingredients

The Tokyo Brewing Company sources its ingredients primarily from farms belonging to the Juugoya Cooperative and they have to meet the Tokyo Purity Law. The Yugumo Corporation enforces it's high-quality standards and has their facilities inspected frequently by internal and external agencies.


Several different types of malted grains are used in the production of beer for the Tokyo Brewing Company.

  • barely (The Most Common)
  • The usage of corn is strongly discouraged in the industry as it is considered filler.

These ingredients come in several variations, most of which refer to the amount of caramelization, sugar content and flavors they present.


The Tokyo Brewing Company uses several different types of hops in their brews, including some customized varieties such as:

  • Taisho Hops: Named after the Star Army of Yamatai Taisho, these hops have a powerful deep bitter flavor with citrus notes of oranges and tangerines. It is the preferred hop in IPA style beers.
  • Nabari Hops: Named after the Nabari District is slightly less bitter with more peppery or spicy notes. It tends to be used in pale ales and tends not to be mixed with other hops in brews.
  • Kameyama Hops: Named after the Kameyama District where they are grown, this hop presents a low-acid and more herbal type finish and is commonly used in a wide range of brews. It also tends to blend well with other hops when added into recipes that include multiple varieties.
  • Yamatai Special Hop: Grown exclusively on Yamatai (Planet), this hop has a very mild and fruity flavor and maintains a relatively less bitter profile than most of the other varieties selected by the Tokyo Brewing Company.
  • Koukotsu Paradise Hop: This hop variety comes from Koukotsu II, in the Koukotsu System, it has a complex floral profile that has very earthy and spicy notes to it.

Yeast Development

Being a new company, the Tokyo Brewing Company was not able to benefit from having its own, centuries-old brewing yeast cultures available. Most of their top-fermenting yeast (Ale) and bottom-fermenting yeast (lager) have been developed in laboratories by the Yugumo Corporation. However, some older more established strains from the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia have been imported for cross-breeding and new strain development.

Water Sources

All water sources for the Tokyo Brewing Company are tested frequently for quality and purity. Filters are changed regularly and mineral content is controlled prior to the addition to many recipes as that they can alter the flavor of the brew.

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