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Elysian Music

Elysian Music has not changed terribly much in several centuries (Elysians claim centuries, anyway. The actual age of the race as a whole is rather questionable…) Though methods of composition have changed, and many composers and musicians lived and died, the foundation of their musical culture has remained the same. Instruments, scales, and sound are all distinctly 'classical', though Elysia has recently - within the last two years or so - taken an interest in certain aspects of NH-22C Yamataian and Nepleslian music. Though frowned upon by Patricians, the Plebians have developed several musical subcultures involving thrash metal, trance, and punk rock… all played on harps and lyres.

Classical Elysian music is almost entirely played in pentatonic scales, though certain baroque compositions have involved D minor and D major chromatic scales, usually both at once. G minor chromatic scale is also, occasionally, used. Flow and emotion are extremely important to the Elysian composition - if you cant feel the notes, you have failed at songwriting. Most sounds are distinctly glissando in nature, though staccatto passages occasionally weave into this working. Most compositions move at a slow pace - legato being the most common tempo. Nevertheless, recent composers have found uses for moderato and allegro tempos.

Elysian composition is almost entirely written in 5/4 timescale.

Classical music uses a number of instruments - the Kee'yohs, a baritone harp with 13 strings; the Iyal'yohs, a tenor harp with 17 strings; the Mah'yohs, a soprano harp with 11 strings; the Soholu, a tenor instrument similar to the lute, 6 stringed; the Hahulu, a soprano version of the Soholu, also 6 stringed; the Kleayo, a bowed bass with seven strings; the Miyik, a 14-note panpipe; and the Kassyilik, a 21-note soprano reed instrument similar to the saxophone.

Additionally, several sorts of hand drums, called Manlaey, are used for percussion. These, in sound, are comparable to timpany. Elysian classical music does involve vocals, but no lyrics - voices are instead used in harmonic choir, typically to enhance the part of the Kleayo and the Mah'yohs.

Plebian “thrash metal” (they refer to it as Lamiera) uses the Kee'yohs, Mah'yohs, Sohulu, Kleayo, and Manlaey. It has also, on occasion made use of foreign instruments, such as guitar and violin. This is, however, very rare. Compared to other forms of metal, Lamiera is slower-paced and more melodic, but Lamiera still makes heavy use of distortion, and is known for lyrics other Elysians find to be disgusting and sometimes outright treasonous.

Plebian “trance” (known as Preghiera) uses the Soholu, Hahulu, Miyik, Kassyilik, and Manlaey. Occasionally, pianos or electric organs are used, but this is extremely rare. This is the most accepted musical subculture by Patricians, the slow glissandos it uses being at least pleasent to elitist ears on occasion. It is looked down upon, however, as an inferior art form.

Plebian “punk rock” (known as Indignare) uses Kee'yohs, Iyal'yohs, Kleayo, Miyik, and Manlaey. Occasionally, it has been known to involve guitar, piano, or cello, but this is, as usual, very rare. Notably, foreign instruments are more common in Indignare than any other Elysian musical subculture, but this still accounts for less than 2% of musicians involved in the style. Indignare, like Lamiera, is considered extremely offensive by Patricians. The fast pacing, staccatto patterns, and moderate distortion are considered an affront to the ears by the upper class, and the typically anarchist lyrics have been the cause of three libel trials to date.

One important note, however, is that music is not a large facet of Elysian life, with only ~1/10th of the population actively paying attention to it's trends/creation.

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