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Hytreieon Type Shield-Piercing Anti-Matter Torpedo Launcher

These launchers fire torpedoes using a electromagnetic system to launch them at 0.7c. These torpedoes are seven feet long by two wide, are almost completely smooth and colored a deep black. Upon exciting the Interdiction Shield they activate their own SDG devices launching themselves to 25,000c use an inbuilt navigation system to target, and find its way successfully to its target. Upon reaching its target it uses its SDG to help modulate itself with the opponents shields and hopefully penetrates it. If it fails then it explodes with its antimatter payload.

Warhead: Shield-Piercing Anti-Matter Torpedo Purpose: To penetrate shields before exploding. Anti-Star Ship. Damage: Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship Range: 13,412,332,584 miles Rate of Fire: Individually from each launcher.

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