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The Wire Guided

Less of a concrete group and more of an upstart anarchist ideology, the Wire Guided movement is a polysentience-based Freespacer organisation that boldly advocates the dismantling the old Free State, including the entire type system and all of her motherships. They value individuality, evolving to suit the situation, and absorbing the technology of other cultures to suit their own ends.

Seeing the polysentience as the singular unifying factor of the Deoradh race, and the only 'true' territory that the race should hold, they unexpectedly began to gain popularity overnight in every single splinter group of the now-scattered voidfolk community. In particular it is supported by spacers who made peace with Yamatai, Nepleslia or Origin Industries, as well as Type Twos who fear the oppression that a return of the old Free State would bring. Strangely, this makes their willingness to operate on planet-bound facilities actually rather high.

Overall Goals

  • Directly integrating themselves into the culture of other empires, improving their cultural standing through trade services, AI expertise, and high-radioactivity mining ventures. This often includes using planets (particularly pre-colonized ones) as bases of operation.
  • Reactivating the natural breeding capabilities of their members, and absconding large motherships in preference for smaller, more actively helpful 'geneships'.
  • Further genetically engineering their members to the point where they more closely resemble spacer technological aspects, I.E. Continuing to operate even after extreme damage, and being able to survive in almost any environment.
  • Cracking the restricted technologies of other races, making their secrets free for all to use.
  • Providing a safe haven for all artificially created beings, regardless of their original reasons for construction.

Relationship With Other Cultures & Factions

Non-spacer recruits are completely accepted within their ranks, and more advanced foreign technologies are actively sought out, making them welcoming, if sometimes dubious and subversive, trading partners.

Typically, the Astral Locksmiths have been refused them access to the Ley Line gate system as a result of their political views, but they are beginning to utilize native FTL technology (sometimes entire vessels) to circumvent this regardless. The Viridian Array, on the other hand, are on mildly good terms with them, which leads some individuals to actually become members of both organisations.


Individual members are often known as 'Wireheads'. Joining the Wire Guided is completely free to anyone, regardless of race, religion, or synthetic nature. The only restriction is that they must have a connection to the polysentience with which to share information, be it traditional mindware, the nepleslian knock-off, or using nekovalkyrja radio transmissions with a plug-in program.

Information is stored on other members as a straight forward 'thumbs up or thumbs down' system. This is shown as a numerical positive or negative value, giving a baseline to suggest how trustworthy an individual is. The system is regulated and maintained through thousands of separate mindware nodes, meaning it is next to impossible to hack.

On the other hand, Wireheads that belong to another parent organisation are not actually expected to partake in subversive activities (such as cracking the technology they are involved with) if it would put their life or personal livelihood at risk. Generally, it's seen as fair game if a particularly disgruntled employee gives tips to other members who are also a part of an opposing faction, however…

It's also worth noting that Wire Guided members hold little if no regard towards original Freespacer types, to the point where newly born individuals may not be given a traditional type class at all. Such rigid societal structures are tyrannical and not to be trusted!

Area of Operation

The main strongholds of the ideology was always going to be pre-existing Freespacer colonies, but finely scattered individuals have also already set up shop on several dozen non-spacer planets, to varying degrees. This includes at least eight Nepleslian worlds, and a handful of small Yamatai space stations in the galactic north. These are not cohesive, real-world colonies, however, a fact that makes them particularly difficult to quantify and track. It's not like you can just walk into some real-world Wire Guided HQ, unless it's some convention booth specifically designed to spread the good word!

Wireheads in these locations typically engage in activities such as simply spreading anti-imperialist political theory, safeguarding the rights of non-ST beings (sometimes even non-sentient beings), and experimenting with hybrid technologies, through many may also have a paid day job within another organisation out of necessity.

Why Would Non-Spacers Join?

Regardless of current affairs, Yamatai has a bit of a rocky history when it comes to the rights of defective nekovalkyrja, and those who once belonged to the NMX. Those that speculate manipulation of this grey area on the part of the powers that be, specifically 'shadow' organisations like SAINT, can find solace and comradery in the arms of the Wire Guided. It is part of their modus operandi to aid synthetic beings, which includes helping them to flee from the authorities, should the need arise.

Nepleslia is an even less forgiving capitalist powerhouse, with all sorts of organisations creating personalized cybernetic beings for less than savoury reasons. With extreme corruption on one side, and the IPG on the other, it's only natural that some would look further afield for a more trustworthy helping hand.


Formed in YE 38 by Freespacers of the great lighthouse who feared a resurgence in old Free State beliefs, mostly due to the strange covert activities being performed around Freehold Factory, and later Null and Void.

Unexpected support was given by spacer Origin Industries workers who had fallen off the grid since the cataclysm eight years prior, and quickly spread even to Nepleslian space, particularly by those unimpressed by the testosterone-infused attitude of the Viridian Array.

The final spark which really set the party off was the invention of the Liquid Ally on Planet Osman, effectively being junkers that could be produced on the fly without the need for a large mothership or gypsy industrial to fabricate replacement parts.

Negotiations are currently in progress to set up more independent network nodes, so that their communications would no longer depend on the great lighthouse or its backup for transmission.

Population Demographics

Species Organic Population SI (Machine) Population
Type Two Freespacers 150,000 600,000
Type Three Freespacers 50,000 200,000
Type Four Freespacers n/a 4,000
Type Five Freespacers n/a 10,000
Nepleslians (+Androids) 1,800 2,500
Rogue Geshrin 1,300~ n/a
Rogue Mutants / Synthetics 4,000 n/a
Yamataian Minkan / Androids 800~ 500~
Nekovalkyrja 153~ n/a
TOTAL 208,053~ 817,000~

Effective Fleet Size

Significant Colonies

(Contains only planets with populations greater than 2000+.)

Trade Agreements


In Progress

  • Attempting to assist the Viridian Array obtain a Bulwark in order to cement their involvement in the gold coast. The liquid ally will most likely be provided to the Nepleslians.
  • Attempting to obtain biotech expertise from the Iromakuanhe, in exchange for substances which apparently only occur within the blue rift…

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