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Galactic Armament Organization

The GAO was a paramilitary piracy organization with a mostly decentralized structure. Their primary forces consisted of Ex-Peacekeepers and some Freespacers. Through much effort, they'd gained allies in other mercenary and pirate groups. They did not stage large attack actions or engage in fleet warfare, but stuck to raiding weak points and smash-and-grabs. Sick duck ploys and false flags are fair game as well. In essence, they did what they can to continue existing. But, they were very politically motivated in their actions, sticking to raiding one of the Big Three of DATASS at a time. The GAO hoped to one day bring back the UOC, though they are all aware of the sacrifice it might take. Due to certain broadcasts, the GAO main force was posing as a mercenary/goodwill peacekeeping force while continuing illicit activity on the back end to fuel their goals. The GAO collapsed after an ill-fated attempt to take out a rival organization in the ISC Phoenix ended up wiping their leadership and a majority of their military power off the face of the universe entirely, without so much as a speck of dust remaining.

Established YE 35
First Branded Action YE 36
Death YE 39


  1. Reestablishment of the UOC
  2. Curbing of Yamataian imperialism and expansion
  3. Limiting of SAINT and IPG powers


In YE 29, a younger Decker joined the SAOY. The Freespacer genocide had not happened yet. The Lorath Civil War solidified Breaker's jingoism. The universe at large was still roiling and changing.

During YE 30, Codemender Fractal Eight Two aided in solidifying the Freespacer efforts to police Halna. They manage to escape the genocide on a small vessel, but notes Yamatai's involvement in aiding the criminal Red interests in the area. Meanwhile, Decker attempts to save a freespacer vessel containing Forgemaster Synthesis Two Seven in the interests of “this isn't right.” He nearly dies in the resulting bombardment, and loses all his limbs. Synthesis saves his life. They eventually flee to the newly formed United Outer Colonies.

In YE 31, the Second Mishhu War began. Decker enlisted in the Peacekeepers with his mostly-cybernetic body, quickly working his way up to a command position. Fractal eventually on as a Freespacer liason to his ship, managing the cyberwarfare suites. Meanwhile, Gumiho Rumia

By YE 33, the UOC had fallen due to the NMX horde. Decker and his crew did the best they could to evacuate and hold the line, but they were overwhelmed and forced to break away from the carnage. Synthesis was among those he rescued, paying back a life debt. Breaker, on the otherhand, was one of many soldiers at the battle the Xiiah was killed in. Both she and Decker witnessed Yamatai's sudden reclaimation of the territory of the UOC fell, a move neither of which appreciated. Breaker, because she felt the Xiiah's sacrifice for the UOC was in vain, and Decker, because everything he fought for to be in shambles.

While YE 34 went on, Decker and his Ayana-class traveled the stars after dropping off the civilians he could. Synthesis and Fractal stayed on as support. Breaker's xenophobia of Yamatai only increased thanks to the Northern Colonies Incident.

As YE 35 rolled around and the NMX war came to an end, Gumiho Rumia was rescued by Nepleslian soldiers (Read: Rescued herself using soldiers as a cover) on a raid on the last few NMX holdings. Rumia, feeling betrayed, didn't go back to Yamatai. Meanwhile, a freshly exiled Breaker runs into Decker conducting one of his first minor raids - on a transport vessel. A scuffle ensued, and through brute strength camaraderie, Breaker joins up with Decker. Rumia came soon after through a similar incursion, though they didn't even know she was on their ship until after the raid was over. Later on in the year, Decker solidified his plans and set his grand scheme in motion (As well as getting a job acting in the TV series, Magical Girl Aeternalis). The Galactic Armament Organization would be his banner, and his creed was justice. He contacted many, equally disillusioned ex-Peacekeepers to form the backbone of his force. Along the way, Bolor Topal joined.

In YE 36, the GAO had their first fresh recruits tested - a batch of dregs recruited from military wannabees. It didn't go well for them, and Rumia had to go bail Breaker out of a prison transport. Decker has added the ISC Phoenix to his shit list.

Throughout YE 37, Decker made great strides to make relations and solidify them with various mercenary and pirate groups, either through impressive feats, smooth-talking, or lots of money.

In YE 39, the Galactic Armament Organization collapsed when a majority of its fleets and leadership vanished or perished in the ISC Phoenix's last mission due to a mysterious white light emanating from the Lorath core worlds out towards the fringe Lorath system they had chosen to engage the Phoenixes in.


As the Galactic Armament Organization was a migrant group, their location was constantly changing. Especially in regards to any member subfactions, which may or may not travel with the main. They currently reside in the afterlife, mostly.

Important Figures

RoleNameSpeciesReason for joining
Admiral Decker Nepleslian He's the guy who started it. Deceased, killed by Luca Pavone.
First Mate, Right hand Fyuunen Vishyr “Breaker” Arabata Fyuunen Vehement, anti-yamatai, ex-military convict. First to join with Decker when he declared his ambitions. Exiled from Lor after distinguished service record in the NMX war prevented her from being put on the chopping block. Uses a rocket warhammer, now electrified to discourage a very specific individual. Deceased, killed by Luca Pavone. Theme:The Prodigy - Smack My B*tch Up
Security Officer Gumiho Rumia NH-29S Ex-SAINT agent caught in deep-cover during the NMX war. Yamatai didn't rescue her. She was forced to rescue herself when her captors were under attack from Nepleslian forces. Typical suite of stealth-related skills, and uses a zesuanium katana in melee range. Deceased, wiped from existence. Theme: No More Heroes 2 - Philistine
Head Engineer Forgemaster Synthesis Two Seven 27-8473-4859 Type Four Survived the slaughter of The Great Lighthouse. A monster in combat, every weapon is three things and every tool is just as dangerous. Deceased, wiped from existence. Theme: Kasabian - Club Foot
Chief Medical Officer Bolor Topal Kodian Gashmere native that wants to live a pirate's life for the sake of ART. Also has two doctorate degrees in medicine and surgery. Deceased, wiped from existence.
Head of Electronic Warfare Codemender Fractal Eight Two 82-3284-3928 Type Five The Guild of Cyberempathy member and representative. Sees a valuable investment in the GAO as an entity to act on guild interests. Deceased, wiped from existence. Theme: Atlas - Battles
Darla's Darlings Darla Darling Nepleslian Her parents had a sense of humour. She grew up in the slums of Nepleslia and fought her way tooth and nail into adulthood, when she formed her own mercenary group. Uses explosives /very/ freely, but is careful around allies. Deceased, wiped from existence. Theme: Eli Reed -Explosion
Mr.Turtle Hyun Il-hwa Jiyuuyan Bit of a sleazebag, but reliable. He likes having a small business empire at his fingertips, and isn't much more ambitious than that. He's the kind of guy, when offered 100k for a business deal, will take 25k instead, citing that it is a “respectable, safe amount.” Alive, but in hiding. West Osaka Massive - M-Beat vs. Hiroyuki Sawano
The Steel Condor Patroklos Constandakis Caelisolan He hates Patriarchs. Enough said. Deceased, killed by Decker. Theme: Attack on Titan - Flugel der Freiheit German Cover
BEARS Jul Urs BEA- KODIAN AAAAAA BEAR AAAAAAA (She likes victory and combat. She raised a mercenary band for this purpose. Deceased, wiped from existence.)
Akachanbara Tachibana Keisuke Yamataian Typical pirate jackass. He likes money, drugs, and women but not always in that order. He and his bunch of other privateers abuse their licenses now that the war is over, although how they haven't been exiled or hammered by the SAoY by now is anybody's guess. Deceased, wiped from existence. Delirious - Outta My Mind
Aexalli Centorius “The Eye”, Legatus Returner Vexillarius Hybrid Brutal, detatched. Highly refined. A sledgehammer when a crowbar will do. Cult-like in her devotion. Manipulative. Commanding. A great public speaker and cult of personality, sometimes godlike. A veteran survivor of a war unknown. She is thought to originally be Nepleslian, having DNA from a multitude of different species housed together by an as of yet unknown XNA system bonding it all together, similar to that found in a lot of Lorath biotechnical equipment. Deceased, wiped from existence.
Jiyuu Rengou (“Freedom Alliance”) Mitsuya Satoru Jiyuuian A shrewd businessman with a penchant for smoking tobacco and meddling in Jiyuuian politics. Owns a compressed helium fuel shipping company based in Asura, though resource gathering is just a convenient cover for aiding domestic terrorists and constructing a clandestine navy to weaken the fledgling government. Though much of his assets were lost & confiscated as a result of the GAO's dissolution, he himself was never caught, presumably hiding somewhere on Asura III.

Subordinate groups

  • The Rangers - A direct subordinate group of the GAO. These are the best of the best of their forces, and they're the most dangerous to boot. Well coordinated, well-armed, and well, terrifying to fight against! They work in teams of five to accomplish their goals. Overwhelming majority of forces deceased.
  • Darla's Darlings - A mercenary group that relies on heavy ordinance to get the job done. They're the sort who resort to whatever it takes but mostly violence. Thematically, their main colours are red and orange with navy accents with a sparrow on their emblem, and they have a preference for Nepleslian armaments. They don't have much of a fleet presence, instead relying on their employers to use them as shock troops and boarders and foot the bill for room and board. The titular Darla is a Nepleslian woman in her mid-thirties who grew up in the slums on Nep Prime. Overwhelming majority of forces deceased.
  • Shell Entertainment - While the logo is a traditional Nepleslian turtle, the origin of this one's name comes from the terms shell game and shell company. It's a front for smuggling operations, but also a somewhat legitimate line of civilian cruises for additional income for the GAO. Since the collapse of the GAO forces, Shell Entertainment has taken to going somewhat legitimate. They still smuggle goods.
  • The Steel Wings - a Piracy group that relies on a vast number of fighters in order to overwhelm enemy sensors and intimidate them with sheer numbers. Their emblem is a steel condor on a rusted backdrop. It is primarily formed of former Plebians who have amassed an arsenal of their own. Overwhelming majority of forces deceased.
  • BEAR FORCE ONE - A Kodian piracy group that AAAAAAAAAA BEARS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OH GOD WHY (They specialize in boarding and shock troop actions, as well as making off with picnic baskets. They primarily do land based actions, which brings the whole piracy part into question. Overwhelming majority of forces deceased.)
  • Akachanbara - A bunch of privateers who decided plundering was more profitable. These guys are assholes. They have a tendency to use sick duck ploys and impersonation of official Yamataian military vessels when they can get away with it. Overwhelming majority of forces deceased.
  • Jiyuu Rengou (“Freedom Alliance”) - An association of Jiyuuian refugees who, like Decker, reject the idea of Yamatai once again controlling Jiyuu's destiny. Recent setbacks in their political aspirations have caused the group to turn more towards acts of domestic terrorism and piracy in the Yugumo cluster intended to harry the weak YSE government until they can build more support among the people for a true revolution. Most notably, they utilize Satoru's compressed helium fuel shipping company as a cover to move materials as well as its Stellar Link Siphon (Retconned) platforms hidden in the nearby Ayumi Nebula at Asura to construct and repair GAO-allied ships through a business deal with Decker.
  • Aexalli Centorius - A highly drilled military team who operate in highly rehearsed battle-plans. While not quite as flexible as other teams, they operate as a single whole and rely a lot on communication and are broken down into four smaller groups; Sampson, Oevaesta, Kantyne and Uuvuourla. Each group has a respective Triarius, a general or commander who reports directly to The Returner but at the same time has great automation and freedom to pursue her objectives as they see them. There is a great preference for bashing equipment: to break down whatever enters their possession. Similarly, standardization tends to go out the window in favour of constant alterations and repurposing, often from very unexpected sources. Overwhelming majority of forces deceased.
    • The team's enblem are represented with a simple rings. Thinner rings denote survivability. More rings, rank. Similarly, darker blues vs purples denote natural vs augmented individuals. Equipment usually has its paint stripped away to reveal bare metal, with this inforation in trim. The exception are the highest elite in black and grey with silver trim.


The GAO, being mostly destroyed, no longer have any mobile facilities.

The Jiyuu Rengou have an arrangement to rent out their unused Repair and Production Bays on their 2 Stellar Link Siphon (Retconned) platforms in the Ayumi Nebula near Asura System to GAO-affiliated groups, for the purposes of equipment manufacturing and shipbuilding. There are 20 bays in total, and each can accommodate a Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler or smaller sized vessel.

Fleet Information

The GAO fleets, ICly, have been decimated. However, if somebody wishes to start a plot featuring some scraggle of rebels, this list is kept for the purposes of giving them a choice in ship.

Works In Progress

Currently, the GAO lack the techical know-how to produce their own ships and powered armor, especially given their production facilities being able to produce existing units. However, there are plans to start such things once a proper factory is secured.

GAO in Roleplay

OOC Notes

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