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Ruohu-jyaoni (Architecture)

Ruohu-jyaoni or building laws list the various aspects and style of construction used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo for their structures. Their design aesthetic comes from the earlier days and has only changed by materials and techniques. The Poku'vonai lived in warm climes, so their structures were made to accommodate that.

The structures tend to have high vaulted ceilings. Rooms are generally spacious and open floor plans are common. Structures tend to be octagonal and most residences are single level. Sometimes in larger residences a second level can be found. In other cases multiple structures can be attached either physically or by a covered walkway.

Windows and doors

Windows are large, circular and screened. The window panes open in the same manner as a camera lens. Windows are made of material that can be polarized to become translucent for privacy.

Exterior doors are usually round hinged on both sides and split down the center. Traditionally they are made of wood, and decorated with the Punla (Family) Afirmugaly (Heraldry). Some families have adopted hexagonal split doors.


Roofs are sloped, and typically are slate tiles, or simulated slate. Some are extended to create a wrap around porch and are supported by poles or columns. Some structures will have skylights to help with interior lighting.


The inside walls can be paneled, or covered in wall coverings, fabric or wallpaper depending on taste.

Exterior walls are sometimes paneled in wood, or brick, or stone. They prefer to have a natural looking surface.


Natural lighting is the preferred type. Most exterior rooms have one or more windows, and skylights are common for all rooms. Lighting is sometimes recessed in the ceiling, standing lamps are common.


Vaulted ceilings are often painted to depict the sky. Fans are often mounted to keep the air circulating.




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