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Boqatsou (Death curse)

Most members of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo who are warriors will eventually come up with a Boqatsou, Curse of Death or Death Curse. It is pronounced (bลkhฤƒt-sลลซ). It is something that they work out over time; in fact it is not uncommon for the Death Curse to evolve. It is a phrase that they will say to defy death and possibly make their enemy hesitate. Most start with a fairly simple phrase and as they gain experience and face various dangers, they modify the phrase.

Note: It is not necessary to have a Boqatsou, but having one adds to the flavor of your character.

Sample starting Boqatsou

  • You chose a bad time to die.
  • You are obviously looking to be killed.
  • My blade is sharper than your tongue.

Notable Boqatsou

  • Tin-Ta'a Qaedal Aaeas - โ€œI may die today, but not until I see you die first.โ€
  • Keyul Aaeas - โ€œI am prepared to send you to Siamaka.โ€
  • Legos Miaurm - โ€œI have drawn the blood of over a thousand foes. Yours will soon mingle with theirs on my claws.โ€

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