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Tio Utovu (Demo Node)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

Tio Utovu is an explosive mine for use against vehicles and personnel. The current version came into use in 711 CY

About the Tio Utovu

A Tio Utovu is primary intended as an anti-personnel weapon. But is effective against vehicles with little to no armor. It consists of a layer of Felsa. In the Felsa are 1,000 bullet shaped projectiles made of Mâqitua (Light Metal). The back of the Tio Utovu is made of Mâqitua (Light Metal) designed to direct the blast forward.

The explosion propels the projectiles at a high speed making them effective out to 300 meters. It should be noted that deploying Tio Utovu so that two or more will detonate towards a specific point will result in devastating damage when the blasts converge.

Blast Range Blast effect Blast Area
0 - 50 meters 2 ADR 50m wide by 2m high
51 - 100 meters 1 ADR 100m wide by 4m high
101 - 200 meters 4 PDR 200m wide by 8m high
201 - 300 meters 2 PDR 250m wide by 9m high

1 Case contains 20 Tio Utovu

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