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Âdaho'te (Dueling)

Within the Poku Saeruo Degonjo dueling has several purposes. A duel can be for sport, honor, or to resolve a major conflict between influential Ruokai (Houses) or Punlai (Families).

Kamu'ka Âdaho'te (Sport Dueling)

This is a competition between individuals, most of the time they are for personal satisfaction, but can also be a sponsored event. As it is a competition the rules are different.

The participants each wear a Lapur (belt) with a sensor on it, and a umatli (kilt). Each of the Poku'vonai are issued a small arm shield and a Gean'sa Veltin (Shock Blade) in place of a Âdaho'te Veltin (Duel Blade). A shock blade is the same size and weight as a duel blade, but instead of a cutting edge the end has two electrodes. When a proper strike is made the target receives a slightly painful shock, but one that does not cause permanent injury. The lapur sensor records the hit, and lets the observer know the wearers status.

A friendly competition is to a three count. A sponsored competition is typically to a 5 count.

Gely Âdaho'te (Honor Dueling)

This form of dueling is performed to resolve a conflict, or make amends for an insult.

Each participant is armed with a Âdaho'te Veltin (Duel Blade), and an arm shield. The combatants determine the number of blood cuts it takes to win. A cut must freely bleed, and vital areas are prohibited. Normally the worse the offense or conflict the more cuts. The first person to inflict the necessary number of cuts wins, and honor is served.

Syat Tâvygoai (Judge by Weapons)

This is the most serious form of dueling in the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. This form is actually considered a ritual, and is used to resolve a major conflict between influential Ruokai (Houses) or Punlai (Families).

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