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Punla (Family)

The smallest social group within the Poku Saeruo Degonjo is a Punla (Pūn-lă) or family. A Punla consists of the spouses, children, and retainers. The head of a family is the eldest member regardless of gender. The plural form is Punlai (Pūn-lăē) families.


A family may have more than two spouses, the addition of additional spouses strengthens a family, but all current spouses must agree to the addition. It is possible for an adult to request a Ânamuspa Punla (Breaking Family) from a family. The individual when granted a severing forfeits all but their personal property, any children they birthed or fathered remain with the family.


The children of a family belong to the entire family. All adult members participate in the rearing, and disciplining of the young.


The Poku'vonai see all children as vital to their survival. In the event that all immediate parents of a child are killed; the orphan would be taken in by one of their extended family members (aunts, uncles, grandparents). If there are no direct extended family members, then another family in their House will take them in.

Notable Families


Living Arrangements

In the clan family living arrangements run from single family accommodations in the form of houses or apartments. This is typical for most middle class, low income families or single adults who choose to live on their own.

Multiple Generation

In the clan it is very common for households to have multiple generations living there. In the case of middle class or low income families this can be done to provide a better quality of life for the family. Or it can be done because members of the family are not capable of living on their own or earning an income.

In the case of more wealthy households it can be sign of their wealth. Typically this can be a large family structure on their real estate. These are then arranged so that the grandparents and parents have their own private spaces. Children that are married often live in the same house and have their spaces. Another form of this is to have a large main house for the grandparents and parents and then provide smaller homes for the married children on their property.

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