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Kyaoila (Liquor)

This page contains information regarding the types of recreational liquids consumed by members of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

Alcoholic beverages are not uncommon to the Poku'vonai. However, excessive use is rarely an occurrence in public. This is because members of the individuals family, house or sect will usually step in before the person can get so inebriated as to disgrace themselves or their family.


Poku'vonai wines are normally flavored with various spices to enhance the flavor. Examples of some Poku'vonai wines are:

  • dâmukya iko - red wine, made from Ikovitdâmu (red fruit, apple) vitdâmukya (fruit water) wine with cinnamon
  • dâmukya ymy - white wine, made from Ymyvitdâmu (white fruit, grape) vitdâmukya (fruit water) wine with ginger

Hard Liquor

Poku'vonai liquor is normally consumed straight, or with ice. Mixed drinks are available and are usually have very vibrant flavors. Types of Liquor the Clan uses are:


Clan members rarely consume products such as beer and ale. They are aware of them, but they are generally considered drinks for the Tula.

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