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Punla Jyaonka (Codex of Family)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

These are the laws related to the Punla (Family) of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

CU-1.0 Formation

  • must submit an application to the local Tanoi (Council)
  • at least two adults at the time of formation (gender not specific)
  • must not have any pending litigation against any of the applicants
  • must have potential to be self-sufficient

CU-2.0 Additions

The purpose of a Punla is to grow, new members can be added in a variety of methods.

CU-2.1 Natural

  • Any baqli born into the Punla automatically becomes a part of the family.

CU-2.2 Marriage

  • Additional spouses may be added to the family through Sumanâpa Punla (Making Family) however, all current spouses must agree
  • An unwed adult in a Punla can bring their spouse into the Punla

CU-2.3 Invitation

  • Members of a Punla may invite one or more adults to join the family so long as all adults consent. The new members do not have to be romantically involved.

CU-2.4 Adoption

  • Orphaned children may be adopted into a Punla, provided their Ruoka consents

CU-3.0 Departure

Members of a Punla may depart a family in a number of ways.

CU-3.1 Marriage

  • A person who marries into another Punla must leave their current one.

CU-3.2 Divorce

CU-3.2 Expelled

  • A member of Punla can be cast out if they break the law, are a disruptive influence.
  • Requires unanimous decision of adults.

CU-4.0 Acquisitions

Punla can acquire property, which is not the same as property purchased by an individual. Property to be purchased for the Punla must be agreed upon by the adults. These acquisitions are high value items, such as houses, land, ships. They are governed by Rialumu Jyaonka (Codex of Possession).

Items purchased for a Punla remain with the Punla even if members leave.

CU-5.0 Baqli

  • Children born into a Punla belong to the Punla even if their birth parent dies or leaves.
  • The parent may ask to have the child go with them, but the Punla does not have to fulfill the request

CU-6.0 Dissolution

The dissolving of a Punla is not something to be done lightly. Because it involves every member, of the family. Normally the only time a Punla is dissolved is if all of the adult members are dead. This is not handled the same as CO-5.0 Inheritance.


  • A Baqli who has reached the age of Baqnor (move from youth) or within six months, may petition the local Tanoi (Council) to be made Protem Parent, and have a Ta'a for them appointed.
    • If granted the Balqi upon completion of the ritual becomes the leader of the family. The Ta'a stays to advise them until they reach 18.


If there are no Baqli who can assume the responsibility,

  • All assets of the Punla are liquidated and placed in a trust for any Baqli (Children).
  • The Bagli are then placed with extended family members of the Ruoka (House), upon reaching 18 years of age. They are given their portion of the trust.
  • Children may carry their original Punla name, and even later when marrying opt to reform the family.


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