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HS-PC-1a Wunyasa Voname (Personal container)

This the newest personal possession container used by members of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo who are not in a residence. This version came into use in 755 CY.

About the Wunyasa Voname

The Wunyasa Voname is available to all Poku'vonai for a price. Though colonists of the Otâgo'iâmai (New Worlds), receive one for free. The container is a flattened hexagon. They are composed of Mâqitua (Light Metal), laminated with Vithuoila wood from Âmuar (Dream).

There is a biometric touch pad on the front that is used to secure the container. It has three rocker switches on the pad. It can be set to work by a code, or by reading the biometrics of the owners finger.

Inside the container is a removable divider which allows items in the lower section to not be damaged by stuff placed on top.

The container has power cells that recharge by induction. When in a starship or space station, the power cells are kept fully charged. There is a micro-Heim Force Generator that keeps the container in place. The power cells when not in an area where induction work, will not active the generator but have sufficient power to run for a year before needing charging.

The container opens by lifting the panel with the touch pad, and features hidden hinges. When closed the container is water tight.


Container closed

Container open


  • Length: .91m (3')
  • Height: .76m (2.5')
  • Width: .6m (2')

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