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Genaur (Measure)

:!: WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

This page provides information on the unit of measurements used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

There are two forms of measures. Traditional and Scientific


The traditional units date back to before the two species met. The Vithuos (Life Tree) trunk was used first by the Tula and later by the Qaktoro for uniform measurement.

The segments of the life tree are equal to eight times the width of a Tula hapu upo finger. From this a variety measurement standards were developed. They are still in use today but only for rituals and ceremonial matters.

Term Pronunciation Unit Measurement
obâ ōbā 1/8 segment 1.25 inch
obâpo ōbāpō 1 segment 10 inches
dâya dāīă 4 segments 3.33 feet
styo stīō 1024 dâya 3,409.92 feet

Since rocks are more permanent and easier to visualize cause it took a lot of time for it to change, it became the basis for measurement for weight. But then there was the different three types of rocks, Igneous (volcanic); Morphic and layered (sedimentary). Since the others wore out quicker, it became based on rocks that was formed by the cooling of lava, since it lasted longer.

Term Pronunciation Unit Weight
pebble 2 pounds
Stone 8 pebbles 16 pounds
Boulder XX Ton

1 Stone = 8 Pebbles.


As the Poku'vonai began exploring space, a new more precise measurement system was adopted. It is in place to this day.

Term Pronunciation Unit Measurement
dâtâo dt 1 meter
dâtâoka dtk 1000 kilometer
ous'sa-ibâ - light-second
tui'sa-ibâ light-minute
mâi-ibâ light-year

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