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Norka (The Exodus)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

The Norka Exodus was a momentous event in the history of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. The Poku'vonai left their Otâgolisoy (Birth world) in -50 CY as they now reckon time, or YE -769.

The Norka began as the last of the colony worlds was incinerated. Fifteen Arks departed the home world with a fleet of support vessels. Approximately two million Poku'vonai left home world on the exodus. The hardest decision was accepting that they would have to leave many of their people behind.

The Norka Fleet now all that remained of the empire, plied its way through across the void using their Tinvyma Movidoanor (Tunnel Drive).

The fleet traveled searching for a place to create a new home. Periodically they would send out scouts along the way. While scouts would search for a suitable star system, and for the presence of other races in the vicinity. The Ytaqo'a (Gatherers)) would go to nearby star systems looking for resources to resupply the fleet.

If other races were detected the fleet would move on. The clan leader wanted a place where his people would not be caught up in the destiny of others. Along the way three of the Arks were lost to hazards along the way. For fifty years the Clan wandered the galaxy searching for the perfect place to call home.

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