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Ra-alu Jyaon (Prisoner Rules)

Dealings with prisoners aboard a Poku Saeruo Degonjo captured vessel can vary by each Ruoka (House). The Clan at large has no standing policy except for these cultural ones.

  • Prisoners are the responsibility of the person who takes them. This rule has been handed down since before the Norka (The Exodus).
  • Prisoners shall be dealt with honor. Mistreating a prisoner brings shame to the individual; even if the prisoner is a prey.
  • Killing a prisoner quick and efficiently is not considered mistreating, as it releases the spirit with minimal trauma. Traditionally done to seriously injured prisoners who are not expected to live.
  • The number of prisoners a person collects is important, but only adults.
  • Traditionally prisoners could be ransomed back to their people.
  • Children were often taken into the Punla (Family) of person who captured or killed their parents.

These are some of the more common practices presently employed since the arrival to the Kikyo Sector.

Prior to CY 747 (YE 29)

  • Every person found on the ship is killed. Their bodies are taken and stored to be recycled when they return home. The prisoners are given a quick clean death. - Common because it serves the greater good, protecting the security of the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) and does not allow word to spread.
  • All adults are killed, young are dropped off at a location where they will be found. - Less common
  • Persons are kept as slaves. See Râyjo Vonai (Bound People) - uncommon

CY 747 (YE 29)

After the development of Jodau Fofipa (Mind Cleaner) clan policy allowed hunts more options for dealing with prisoners.

  • Every person found on the ship is killed. Their bodies are recycled when they return home.
  • Only those who fight them are killed. The live prisoners are later dropped off on a habitable world, with basic survival gear. Equipment is usually salvaged from the prisoner's ship. Prisoners are treated with Jodau Fofipa (Mind Cleaner) and kept unconscious prior to release. When they awake they have no idea how they got there, or what happened to their ship.
  • Occasionally if a hunt has been particularly successful, they may put the non-combatants in an escape pod. Usually only if the ship does not have space to take the escape pod. Prisoners are treated with Jodau Fofipa (Mind Cleaner) and kept sedated prior to release.

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