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Fofijo (Cleansed)

This page describes one of the Devotopai (Rituals) of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

Ritual name Fofijo
Meaning Cleansed (Ritual)
Pronounced: fล-fฤ“-jล

The Fofijo ritual is performed after a child passes the Fofipa (to cleanse). The ceremony is held to welcome or acknowledge the healthy child into the clan. It is a festive event with much food and celebration. The culmination of which is the parents officially giving the child its name.

After the naming it is traditional for close friends and family members to give gifts to the child. The gifts are typically items that the child will need in life, many times the items are symbolic. When the gifts are presented the purpose is stated. Example: โ€œI give Dorjaq Qout this knife, so that one day he will use it to spill the blood of our enemies.โ€

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