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Tin Kahyli (Ship Alerts)

Tin Kahyli are ways of alerting Poku Saeruo Degonjo citizenry to dangers. All alerts contain an auditory portion. Some alerts onboard ship, stations, or sections of Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) also include a visual component.

Name Audio Visual Definition
Collision repeating three long tones followed by a short one none Impact on the hull anticipated by objects powered or not
Awareness rapid short pulse sequence of six, repeats twice Status lights red Take an alert posture non-specific
Combat Alert alternating high - low tone at 2 sec interval Status lights red Prepare for combat
Stand Down two tone sounding twice repeating every 2 seconds Status lights blue Secure from combat
Boarding repeating upscaling tone Status lights orange Boarding by hostiles imminent
Isolation repeating status light white Warning that isolation doors are engaging
Decompression Alternating beep Area going to be intentionally decompressed (controlled)
Explosive Decompression Audio warning verbal Affected section about to experience uncontrolled decompression
Vacuum Warning Audio warning verbal Warning that a vacuum exists beyond a Anoka Niuwuny'te (Atmospheric Shield)
Ryasou'temygo Wraith voice Detected in near space
Defilers NMX detected in near space

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