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Vakâme Ruo'sa (Lounge)

Larger Poku Saeruo Degonjo vessels will have a lounge, a room dedicated to social interaction and relaxation. While there is no standard lounge layout. All lounges do share these features.

The room is rectangular and accessed through a Anomu Wunyte (Security Door). Hull braces composed of Mâqirây (Bound Metal) protrude from the side Ano (Wall). There are Tyo'te Wuny'ta (Fire Suppression) ports and standard Ibâ'te (Lighting) in the ceiling. The owning group's Afirmugaly (Heraldry) appears on the wall or other furnishings. The room is decorated with an assortment of tables, chairs and couches.

Vakâme Ruo'sa

A wet bar is typically positioned along one wall. The Lounge is typically arranged so that it can have a Tomin-ano (Window). Traditionally the room's lighting follows the standard diurnal cycle except when the activity requires other lighting.

The room is equipped with Uos Tasbai (Sounds of Life) speakers and controls.

Items often found

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