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Gianaka Gean (Fuel Cells)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

The Poku Saeruo Degonjo have been using Fuel Cells since prior to their arrival in the Kikyo sector in YE -719.

About Fuel Cells

The clan use high efficiency hydrogen Fuel Cells. These are arranged in a combination of series and parallel cells to produce a more useful power output. The power is then routed into an voltage inverter to convert it from direct current to alternating current. This allows the output to be integrated into the vehicles primary power system.

Typical installations are in a sealed module with a local fuel supply attached.


Emergency Power

These power cells serve two purposes on ships. In the event of a failure of the main generators they can provide power to vital systems; life support, communications.

They are also used to supply power when a ship has to cold start and external power is not available.

Electrical Vehicles

This is the normal power supply for short range electrical vehicles. Typically used on the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station).


These power cells are used to operate the various minor droids the clan use for maintenance.

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba and approved by Wes on Nov 2, 2009 1)

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