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Buvolino Goqe (Padded Bench)

The Poku Saeruo Degonjo Buvolino Goqe (Padded Bench) or couch has been around since long before the Norka (The Exodus).

The Buvolino Goqe is typically built on a wooden frame, but metal ones are not unheard of. They have four large thick pads that are usually rectangular. The pads are fabric filled with seeds which allows it to mold to the person on it. The pads fit into receptacles in the frame. The Buvolino Goqe has no back unlike 'human' couches. Some Poku'vonai prefer to have one made with circular pads.

Padded bench

The Buvolino Goqe can serve as a 'bed' for extra guests. In a Punla (Family) setting Baqlii (children) often will take a pad off the frame and sit or lay on it on the floor.


The Padded Benches come in two sizes, a 3โ€œ x 8โ€ or a 3โ€œ x 12โ€

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