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Ânamus norjopa (Recycler)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

The Ânamus norjopa (un-make machine) is a technology the Poku Saeruo Degonjo brought with them to the Kikyo sector in YE -719.

About the Ânamus norjopa

These devices allow the clan to reuse most materials.

The Ânamus norjopa actually breaks down or unmakes things at the molecular level. It does this by selectively breaking the bonds of specific molecules in an object. Once the atoms are released they are gathered and stored in containers for reuse. The material is in the form of an extremely fine powder or gas depending on the substance.

The Ânamus norjopa can only deconstruct substances that the clan have a detailed understanding of. Most common elements can be extracted. If an object possesses material with unknown elements, the unknown elements will be left after extraction. Some compounds when broken down release a second element which are gathered as well. Example: if a chunk of rusty steel is put into the system, when the iron atoms are extracted the the Oxygen molecules are released as a gas and extracted. The hydrogen is also gathered at the same time.

When the Ânamus norjopa is activated it first performs a detailed scan of the substance to identify the various elements and compounds. Once this is accomplished, it begins the process of extraction. In the case of the rust above it would target those compounds first gathering the Hydrogen and Oxygen, then gather the iron when it extracts the rest of the iron.

How it works

The Ânamus norjopa works by using laser light to break specific molecular bonds. To handle a wider range of elements, the device has a variety of laser types, and they are variable to tune to specific bonds. The freed molecules are then collected and stored in receptacles.

Inside the Ânamus norjopa

The Ânamus norjopa consists of several components.


This is the area where element extraction takes place. It has integrated force-field projectors for containment purposes, and the chamber is decompressed during the process.


The extractors are a collection of tunable lasers that are used to break specific molecular bonds. Once the bonds are broken the freed molecules are gathered and stored.


There are two types of containers. The first type is for handling solid matter. The second type of containers are for gaseous materials.

Processing rates

Ânamus norjopa
Size Recepticle Volume Rate of Extraction
Small 13 meters 50kg/hour
Medium 33 meters 100kg/hour
Large 103 meters 500kg/hour

Un-Recyclable Materials

The following materials are currently not able to be recycled by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo, due to their properties and or unknown molecular structure.


This approach to breaking molecular bonds was accomplished with 20th Century tech. Laser light breaks specific molecular bonds

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