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HS-AF1-E720xx Tin'sa Mâbor'a (Small craft Sensors)

This is the latest suite of sensors used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo on their small craft, this suite has been in use since 720CY (YE 11). The suite is modular so different sensors can be removed from an installation.

HS-AF1-E72000 - Gravimetric Scanner

Scan type: Passive These sensors can detect gravitational energy, forces and distortions.

  • Range 1 AU.

HS-AF1-E72001 Imaging Cluster

Scan type: Passive These sensors are used to gather information on stellar objects from long range.

  • Deep space telescope
  • Ultraviolet spectrograph
  • Infrared spectrometer
  • Gamma ray detection
  • Magnetic resonance
  • Electromagnetic imaging scanners

HS-AF1-E72002 Ranging

Scan type: Active/Passive

  • Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR)
  • Laser Detection and Ranging (LADAR)
  • Range of 5 light seconds

HS-AF1-E72003 Targeting RADAR

Scan type: Active This sensor system consists of an array of RADARs that have oscillating frequency to help improve resolution by allowing the system to re-tune to get a better image. The RADAR also has a variable pulse repetition frequency (PRF) which is used for when the system goes from search mode to targeting. The RADAR can operate in rotating or sweep mode. It can lock onto and track up 1,000 objects.

  • Range 10 light seconds

HS-AF1-E72004 Geological Sensor

This sensor array is designed for provide geological data.

  • Ground penetrating radar which can be used to image through rock, soil, ice, fresh water. It can detect objects, changes in material, and voids and cracks. Range is 10 kilometers.
  • The ore scanner uses a quantum transducer to send an energy field out in a 60° arc. The scanner then analyzes the phase shift of the reflected energy to identify ores. Range: 10 kilometers.

HS-AF1-E72005 Life Detection

This is a larger more powerful version of the Ousmygo Mâbor'a (Life Energy Sensor), that allows the craft to detect and identify various life forms within range. This sensor has different functions and ranges. It has all the functions of the Ousmygo Mâbor'a (Life Energy Sensor) but at ten times the range.

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