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Watâdor Norjopa (Weather Systems)

:!: WIP (SA): This page's contents are a work in progress by the Site Admin and cannot yet be used in the RP.

Certain areas on Poku Saeruo Degonjo ships and structures are equipped with the Watâdor Norjopa. This system is used to simulate basic weather events.

About the Watâdor Norjopa

The system was originally developed for use in the Vonaieano'ka (City State). It consists of rather sizable air handlers, as well as an assortment of water dispensing panels. This allows the system to create mist, light rain, heavy rain. Combined with the air handling systems, it can create anything from gentle breezes to storm winds. It also has arc generators that allow it to create realistic lightning. The system is also capable of producing natural images across the ceiling. It can make the appearance of a sky with clouds, the moon, sun, and stars. The system can also control the overall temperature. It can make days warmer or cooler. It is not capable of lowering the temp below 40 ° F.

On other aspect of the system that is necessary is a set of drains to channel the precipitation back into the environmental system for cleaning.


The system was developed primarily for the psychological health of the inhabitants. Living in a static area did not create the sense of living on a planet. The 'weather' was always the same and that further ruined the illusion. The secondary purpose of the system was to help cleanse the atmosphere of the area from trapped gasses, and to clean the exterior of the buildings, and other surfaces from the accumulation of dust.


The Watâdor Norjopa originally was programmed to follow a set pattern. Over the years the system operation was modified to introduce a certain level of randomness. Each city state has its own rhythm and reports the weather forecast for the next several days. Although a degree of inaccuracy was added. For special events however, the system can be manually programmed for specific weather.

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