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Jodauvit (Think Plant)

The Jodauvit think plant is a species that the Poku Saeruo Degonjo brought with them from their home world during the Norka (The Exodus). It is a form of climbing ivy that grows easily and absorbs moisture from the air. A single vine if cared for properly can reach up to 50 meters in length. Tula have used it to communicate within their communities. The plant has tiny tendrils that attack to a surface and attempt to draw nutrients in. They flower once a year, the blossoms are small delicate 5 pointed flowers, in yellow, pink, or purple. It is the growth aspects of the plant that make it useful.

Many Tula will wear a one meter strand of Jodauvit as a decorative accessory, and a ready means of having private conversations with friends. This is done by wrapping part of the vine on the hand or wrist of the other person. The tendrils will draw nutrients from the skin. When not worn these smaller strands are kept in special pots and tended.

In the Tula version of the Sumanรขpa Punla (Making Family), the lapurnium (sash) is typically replaced with a pair of blossoming Jodauvit.

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