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I'ee 'Peeler' Strafe-bomber

A recent development in the I'ee fleet and one of the most maneuverable craft yet created by the I'ee, the 'Peeler' is a form of aerospace bomber used by the I'ee, primarily for use against large enemy warships. It's namesake is the particle lash weapon system mounted on the underside of the craft: A short-range, but powerful energy weapon whose emissions are dragged across the surface of a target as the bomber swoops overhead.

About the Ship

Built to fill a gap in the I'ee fleet, the Peeler is their first attempt at creating a dedicated bomber craft, as well as the use of a new energy weapon system.

Key Features

  • Maneuverability
  • Anti-armour capabilities

Mission Specialisation

  • Capital ship killing


While wider than the earlier 'Six-shooter' Gunship created by the I'ee, the Peeler presents a much smaller target in its other dimensions. A spherical, polarised screen, containing the cockpit, is nestled between two short, curving wings which form a semi-circle shape. Directly behind the cockpit is a defensive turret used to ward off attacking strike-craft or missiles. On either side of the craft's short, rectangular tail are the engines, and along the ventral length of the ship is the primary weapon system.

History and Background

Rising political tensions with the VDTF, along with Ith'ee's own dismay and anger at the enthrallment of her daughter, Thoot, spurred the elder I'ee families into a period of naval overhaul and military development. Seeking to expand upon the I'ee's limited strike craft capabilities, Ith'ee devised a small craft that would strike against larger enemy warships while avoiding tangling with craft of a similar size. Besides field testing, the craft has yet to see any real action.

Statistics and Performance


  • Class: N/A
  • Type: Bomber
  • Designers: Ith'ee
  • Manufacturer: Ith'ee
  • Fielded by: Ith'ee, Thi-Thi and Ith'it


Crew: 1 pilot and 2 gunners.


  • Length: 25 meters (145.9 feet)
  • Width: 20 meters (82 feet)
  • Height: 5 meters (65.6 feet)

Propulsion and Range

  • Sublight Engines: 0.095 c
  • Range: Five Earth days.
  • Lifespan: Three Earth years.
  • Refit Cycle: Six Earth months.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems


Weapons Systems

Damage Capacity

  • Hull: 5 SP

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