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I'ee Triple-Barrelled 'Venom' Cannon

Though the I'ee's shorter life spans means that the more long term effects of radiation exposure generally do not have time to manifest, the more immediate, short term effects have long been known to them. When there came a need for a more effective weapon to mount upon their combat-capable spacecraft, Ithit designers settled upon one of several items that reflect the I'ee's focus in battle. The primary driving force behind an I'ee warrior is rage and hatred, both of which are directed solely against living targets. Thus, a weapon which is guaranteed to effectively eliminate the hidden crew of a spacecraft would do better to clear the haze of anger from an I'ee's mind and enable more rational decision making.

About the Venom

The 'Venom' operates similarly to the I'ee's more mundane Coil-gun, in that electromagnets are utilised to propel a projectile at a target. Unlike the standard Coil-gun, the Venom utilises specially made shells that are loaded with isotopic elements. There is no specific rule as to what materials are used in the construction of the Venom's ammunition, besides that it emits dangerous levels of radiation. While the immediate damage caused by these projectiles is not any more effective than the standard Coil-gun's, its rapid fire means it can saturate an enemy vessel with deadly levels of radiation.

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Ithit
  • Manufacturer: Ithit, Ithee, Thi-Thi
  • Name: Venom
  • Nomenclature: N/A
  • Type: Gauss
  • Role: Anti-personnel ship-to-ship weapon


The most outwardly defining feature of the Venom is its tri-barrelled layout. Projectiles are fired in a sequential, clock-wise order, giving time for each weapon to reload prior to firing again. The weapon is also bulkier than its predecessor, due in part to its three barrels, but primarily because of its more powerful electromagnets.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: There is no visible indication when the weapon is firing due to its method of operation.
  • Retort: Though naturally silent in space, where it is universally made use of, the weapons electromagnetic coils do make a loud humming sound during operation.
  • Projectile Appearance: The shells used by the weapon vary in size and composition.
  • Effective Range: ~4000 km
  • Rate of Fire: ~36 rounds per minute


  • Ammunition: Projectiles vary in composition and make.
  • Average DR: ADR5
  • Round Capacity: 800 rounds allocated per weapon port.

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