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So-F2-1a Agni-class Assault Frigate

Developed initially in AR 934 by Solan Starworks, the Agni was designed to be a heavy hitting, long range weapon platform amongst the frigate class. While the Vayu had been designed for recon and skirmishing, the Agni would fill the bruiser role. Designed to be an optimal long range bombardier, it lacks VANDR units, instead relying instead upon the strong weapons it can bring to bear on the field of war.

About the Ship

The Agni's main purpose is to be a long range, heavy hitting frigate; to fill the assault role and provide fire support at long ranges with its precision weapons, and heavy ordinance.

Key Features

  • Heavy Weaponry
  • Extensive Sensor and Targeting Suites
  • Precision Laser Weaponry
  • Powerful Guided Ordinance

Mission Specialization

  • Long-Ranged Assault
  • Precision Strikes
  • Wide Area Bombardment


So-F2-1A Agni

History and Background

The Agni was developed in the wake of the Third Outer System conflict, where it became increasingly evident the lighter Vayu-Class simply could not fill the assault role. Solan Starworks sought to rectify this by designing a long-range, assault torpedo frigate. However, it was not until recently the design had been actively pursued for use.

Statistics and Performance


Class: So-F2-1a Type: Assault Frigate Designers: Solan Starworks Manufacturer: Solan Starworks Production: Full Production Fielded by: Astral Vanguard


Total Crew: 98

Starship Operations and Command: 18 Medical: 10 Maintenance: 20 Security: 25 Support: 25


Length: 142 meters () Width: 109 meters () Height: 63 meters () Compartments: 9 (3.5m each)

Propulsion and Range

FoMASC Jump Drive: .05 ly/m MASC Drive: 2800c Sublight Engines:.30c Range: Up to eight months without refueling or employing BHS to replenish resources. Lifespan: The organoid components of the ship can last up to a century. Refit Cycle: Twice a year.

Damage Capacity

  • Hull: Tier 10
  • Shields: Tier 10

Inside the Ship

Compartment Layout



Officer's Quarters: (9)

Enlisted Quarters: (40)

Communal Bathrooms

Cargo Bays: (2)


The Engineering section of the Agni does not fit the typical norm of ship design philosophy. Instead it acts as a rather straight forward 'hub' filled with lifts, and hallways between the various important ship systems. The routes are direct; well marked for the mechanists to easily reach their destinations with the upmost possible alacrity. Along the way are various panels, and displays to assist the mechanists in their repair and upkeep of the ship's systems. The lifts however are nothing more then simple hand lifts which allow quick exits, and boarding. Overall, this design philosophy is intended to increase rapid response time by getting on the scene quickly, and efficiently.


Shuttle Bays

Mess Hall


Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Aerudirn Armor Colonies Aerudirn consists of living colonies that grow out into thick, smooth sheets of a high durability, that are have been bred to be resistant to damages from radiation and can charge themselves with an electrostatic field to enforce their surface tension, thereby inhibiting penetration by weaker solid-ammunition weapons. Should the shell be damaged, the colonies underneath, which are dense enough on their own to survive exposure to vacuum can quickly have other sections stretch to accommodate tears, and regenerate completely with enough time.

Armor Structural Points: 18

Organoid-type Substructure Highly resilient organoid tissues form the remainder of the body, including an endoskeleton, muscles and primitive organs that perform various functions related to keeping the unit and runner alive. The tissues have exceptional toughness compared to those of normal species, and can even survive in vacuum conditions should the entirety of the upper armor layer be destroyed. Should weapons fire occur inside of the ship, the interior compartments are nearly entirely filled with covered organoid tissues, giving them a high degree of durability versus small arms damage.

Computers and Electronics

Starship Control ANIOS

Starship Control ANIOS are advanced assist NI that are designed to interact with the operator of their respective starship, greatly improving the general effectiveness of maneuvers and allowing them to be aware and compensate for effects an unassisted Iromakuanhe would be unable to. As starships have astronomical numbers of subsystems and operating system subroutines, the construct is essential in the effective operation of most Astral Vanguard vessels without the implementation of larger numbers of crewmen.

Standard Capabilities

  • Deciphering and ordering gathered and received data.
  • Voice interface with selectable persona.
  • Maneuvering assistance and coordination.
  • Weapons system assistance and coordination.
  • Semi-automated subsystem management.


  • Requires connection to pilot for all non-essential functions.
  • Subservient to OMNI systems.
  • Sub-sapient intelligence.
  • Cannot automate all functions.



So-F2-E1934 Frigate Communications Package



  • Fiber Optic

So-F2-E5934 Listening Device The Listening Device is a system employed to passively intercept and sample data being transmitted through unsecured methods. It is also a critical component in many important electronic warfare devices, and allows Astral Vanguard starships and vehicles to track the communications of hostile forces. As the unit approaches the source of the transmissions, it becomes increasingly easier to track, until a positive match can be made at a certain threshold.

Can Intercept:

Medium Maximum Interception/Detection Range Tracking Range
Radio 1 200 000 KM 30 000 KM
Microwave 600 000 KM 15 000 KM
Subspace 15 000 KM of Receiver or Sender 5000 KM

Emergency Systems

Life Support Systems

The Agni's life support functions are tied in directly with the Organoid's natural bioelectrics and life functions, meaning that should power failure occur, these systems will continue to function until the components expire.

So-F2-V0934 Organoid Internal Life Support Life support systems are enabled via a combination of potent thermo/photosynthetic reprocessing of air, allowing the organoid to feed itself while producing breathable gasses for the crew. This is done by drawing light from the nearest star, or absorbing heat and radiation from the various compartments of the ship, including the reactor and inhabited regions of the ship. It may also deploy small antibody-like drones to neutralize vermin and naturally search out and sequester harmful substances and antigens inside of the ship's environment.

So-F2-V2934 Gravitic Boundary System

So-F2-R1934 KORD System The KORD (Kinetic Force Diffuser) is an essential system that protects the ship from the tremendous G-Forces and shocks the Agni experiences during both before and after FTL travel and during highly perilous combat maneuvers. It also protects from weapons that kill through kinetic force, in a manner similar to maces against armored troops in ancient times.


Shield Systems

So-F2-S0934 Frigate Vector Field Suite The Vector Field System is a combined package shield array that relies on a combination of various advanced space comrpession technologies for multi-purpose defenses idea for the modern battlefield. They can be deployed as a conformal shell, known as the vector Shroud or heavy shields known as Vector Barriers. Vector Shrouds are sophisticated vector field systems that envelop the craft in a conformal shell of compressed space, allowing one to become relatively invisible to electromagnetic and particle based sensors, and shrinking the ship's profile to other systems. As a shield, it is reliable and particularly effective versus energy weapons.

Location: Internal Shield Structural Points: Tier 10

More powerful than the Vector Shroud, Vector Barriers are large, oval 'hard' space compression shields that are effective against all weapon types, especially directed energy weapons. The Agni's array allows it to project two diagonal barriers in its front, with a spacing for the firing of its main weapons.

Locations: Forward/Left, Forward/Right, Rear Threshold: 3 Runtime: 4-12 Minutes, Recharge 1.5x Runtime

So-F2-S3934 Frigate Repulsor Burst Array Repulsor systems work by creating a temporary vector field, which at regular intervals can be overcharged and super-expanded, which generates an omni-directional concussive blast that is fully capable of causing tractor beams be dispersed and unwanted hangers to disengage, allowing one to temporarily shrug off the effects of such devices. It is commonly used to force boarding craft away from hulls, knock away incoming projectiles and can potentially kill or disable poorly protected infantry with pure kinetic force.

Purpose: Defensive Countermeasure Secondary: Deterrent Damage: MDR 2, Kills through Kinetic Force Range: 20m radius Rate of Fire: One pulse every 6 seconds

Weapons Systems

Main Weapons

(2) So-F2-W0934 "Star Wyrm" PWAC Missile Array


Location: Starship Coaxial Array Purpose: Anti-Starship Secondary: Anti-Shield Salvo Size: 1 Damage: Tier 13, Electrical Damage

Range: 10.5 Light-Seconds Rate of Fire: 1 salvo every 10 Seconds Area of Effect: 15 Meters Muzzle Velocity: 4c, decreasing by half every second to .25c Ammunition 48 Missiles Ammo Replenish: Can refill capacity in hospitable conditions in about 2 hours outside of combat. Any further attempts to refill will require an external source of biomass.

Secondary Weapons

(3) So-F2-W2934 "Searing Wave" CEHB Laser Array

CEHB (Compression-Enhanced Heavy Beam) Laser

Location: Retractable Turret Hardpoints; Nose and Broadsides Purpose: Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Starship Secondary: Navigational Protection Damage: Tier 11 Range: 20 KM in Atmosphere, 600 000 KM in Space Rate of Fire: Beam can be maintained for up to 2 minutes. Cooldown is 1/8 of projection time. Muzzle Velocity: 1c

(5) So-F2-W2934 "Storm Wave" HEMB Laser Array

HEMB (Heavy Enhanced Multi-Beam) Laser

Location: Dorsal 1, Ventral 1, Port and Starboard 1, Aft 1 Purpose: Point Defense Weapon Secondary: Anti-Vehicle, Navigational Protection Damage: Tier 10

Range: 10 KM in Atmosphere, 300 000 KM in Space Rate of Fire: Can maintain up to 36 beams simultaneously. Muzzle Velocity: 1c

Vehicle Complement

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