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Ahmida Cafeteria

Ahmida Civiltech vessels provide for their crew and passengers, to ask for a crewman to work through the day without his daily bread is tantamount to suicide for a starship captain. Ahmida has designed a large-scale cafeteria setup, with a large, space-saving setup that doesn't compromise on aesthetic sense or the comfortable feel of their vessels. The cafeteria is set up in blocks, with every two blocks adding one kitchen and every block being contiguous to one another or at reasonable intervals. A single block seats about 200 and one block is used for every 1000 passengers and crew. Since food can be taken out of the cafeterias, it is not impossible to provide food for everybody aboard even if there is a deficit in seating. Access to the food provided may vary, with the prices for a reasonable1) amount of food included in the ticket or at a low cost and on-demand from one of three cashiers or from one of two buffet lines.

The arrangement is similar to other Ahmida rooms, with the basic foam-coated plas walls, comfortable and ergonomic furniture and simple yet attractive table and countertops. The floor is generally made of a slip, scratch and stain resistant nonporous composite in a variety of tiling color schemes.

Kitchens vary, but are generally industrial kitchens with convection ovens and solid state surface elements for pan frying and toasting. Many ships subsidize their cooking staff to the Sogol Group and use trained and licensed shipboard cooks rather than hiring independent chefs.


  • Comfortable seating and surfacing.
  • Quick service.
  • Can effectively seat and serve much more than its capacity of two hundred.
Generally, on the honor system. Not measured.

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