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Astral Vanguard Desert Uniform

The Astral Vanguard Desert Uniform (DU) is a uniform used by the Iromakuanhe Astral Vanguard beginning in AR 899. It is used in arid locations such as the deserts of Maekardan for camouflage and protection from the sun's rays.

Example art. Done by Nyki.


The Desert Uniform is comprised of:

  • A dark gray turtleneck
  • Light teal pants
  • A tan short-sleeve jacket with a white pattern on the shoulders
  • Dark gray leather boots.

Common Accessories

Many characters requisition or wear additional items with their Cold Weather Uniform, such as:

  • Sun goggles or sunglasses
  • A white and teal modern-styled Kepi.
  • Black shin and knee guards to protect the limbs during long treks in the back country.
  • Armored vests that fit over the coat (as necessary).


The desert uniform hat is a tan kept with an off-white top and blue-gray detailing around the top. It features a flap on the back to protect the wearer's neck from sunburns.

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