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Astral Vanguard Officer Cadres

Because of the extreme degree of specialization inside of the Vanguard, coupled with its highly localized nature on the few colonies and worlds of the Iruotl System has resulted in small clubs or cadres of like-minded officers to rise to prominence within the Vanguard. Some of these represent the religious dogma of old Iromakuanhe culture, while others reflect the development of new tactics to suit the changes that have come with the development of new technologies, or ideological shifts within the popular culture of the Commonwealth. Although not inherently damaging or useful to the Vanguard as a whole, it has allowed for some divisions within the military to become largely homogeneous in respects to ideologies and practices, allowed for a degree of nepotism within larger organizations within the Vanguard as a whole and allowed for hardliners and radicals to remain within positions of power, in spite of the censure of the government and the numerous regulatory agencies imposed by the Iromakuanhe Conclave and House of Speakers.

Just as with the secret societies and criminal organizations within Iromakuanhe society, these cadres are subject to power plays and covert activities and power plays between groups, often unnoticed by the people but able to provoke drastic changes when powers are seized or exchanged.

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