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Capital-type Bridge

Representing the opulence and strength of the core worlds, the Capital-type bridge is the standard command center in the majority of capital class vessels produced by Solan Starworks. Contrasted with the tight conditions of frigates and the more modern design of cruisers, capital ship bridges feature strong aesthetic and architectural sense, with relatively minor compromises to utilitarian needs. The room itself is in a teardrop shape with the pointed 'tip' dominated by windows and viewscreens and the back by terraces that flank the pit where the starship operators are seated. The seating arrangement has the officer and his senior staff on the top terrace, secondary CIC stations on the second terrace and starship operators in the pit between and in front of the terraces.

In keeping with traditional Iromakuanhe aesthetics, the colors are traditionally in light earth tones with touches of gold and ebony, although exposed circuitry adds a faint blue glow to certain internal components. The capital-type bridge is also the only bridge type to features windows; and like the cruiser-type, also includes large display screens, although up to three times as large as those on a cruiser. Vessels with extensive honors may choose to display their awards in the bridge, as well as any corps or battlegroup banners to as a sign of solidarity. A vessel supporting a particularly recognized infantry regiment or VANDR wing may elect to have regimental banners for those units in the bridge, as well.

Deck 1: Officer Terrace

The Officer Terrace is the elevated platform where the commanding officer and executive officer, as well as their aides, will remain during operations. Outside of missions, it is traditionally used as a conference room by the ship's senior staff as a sign of transparency to the crew; either at the circular conference table or via teleprescence. The Officer Terrace is not connected to the CIC Terrace or Operations Deck by any navigable walkways, but may be reached quickly by accessing an elevator located in the adjacent hallway. There are also two deployable immersion pods which deploy from a chamber beneath the top terrace to be used at the CO and XO's discretion.

Deck 2.1: Combat Information Terrace

The Combat Information Terrace acts as a secondary CIC room due to the large numbers of VANDR fielded by Solan Starworks capital ship designs. The terraces sit in the slightly narrower middle section of the bride, stopping about 20 meters short of the far end and split in two by the operations deck to form a sort of 'U' shape around the 'T' of the operations deck. All of the staff sit in immersion pods and communicate with the staff at the NI core via teleconference.

Deck 2.2: Operations Deck

The operations deck is the station for the ship's Starship Operators and Adjutant Operators control the functions of the ship. It features a blend of immersion pods and standard display screens, although control during missions is done exclusively through the use of imemrsion pods.

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