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CIVW (Close-In Variable Weapon) System

The CIVW, or Close-In Variable Weapon, is an advanced weapon system that employs advanced organic alloys and charged particles to create a devastating weapon in melee combat. It works by first manipulating the strong semi-organic alloy known as Aerudirn, which allows it to create any number of shapes, including blades, blunt instruments or even fully functional manipulator hands. Once the shape has been selected, a conformal field of charged particles coats the weapon, allowing it cleave through traditional materials with ease, strike with heavy kinetic force and inflict electrical damage to shields and internal components (once the armor has been penetrated).

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Infantry Secondary: Anti-Shield

Note: Each form shift takes about 20 seconds to initiate.

Form 1 Long Blade (Sword)

The Long Blade form is the main shape used in combat situations, and shapes the CIVW into an elegant and smooth 3 meter-long blade. It is ideal for inflicting heavy damage to lightly armored targets and defending from close ranged attackers.

Damage: MDR 4, Electrical Damage Range: 3 Meters Rate of Fire: Varies, constant charged particle effect.

Form 2 Short Blade (Katar)

The Short Blade form is the most frequently used type, most notably for its practicality, especially in close quarters and for excellent armor penetration. It resembles a shorter and thicker meter version of the Long Blade weapon.

Damage: MDR 4, Electrical Damage Range: 1 Meters Rate of Fire: Varies, constant charged particle effect.

Form 3 Striker (Hammer)

The Striker form, unlike the the more elegant Blade forms, is a solid, 2 meter rod designed with one purpose in mind: Crushing the enemy with the application of terrible amounts of force.

Damage: MDR 3, Kills by Kinetic Force, Electrical Damage Range: 2 Meters Rate of Fire: Varies, constant charged particle effect.

Form 4 Manipulator (Hand)

The Manipulator is ideal for any task that doesn't require vicious blades or heavy striking weapons. The multi-digited hand has 3 fingers, and dual opposable thumbs and a thick covering of armor. While in Manipulator mode, the CIVW disables the charged particle emitters, to reduce sensors visibility and power drain.

Damage: MDR 2, Kills by Kinetic Force Range: .5 Meters Rate of Fire: Varies

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