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Cloudstinger Puffs

Cloudstinger Puffs, a snack food of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth are made by and marketed by the Sogol Group. The puffs themselves are nothing more then a puffy, deep-fried cracker made from the meat of the Frahxit Floatcrab which is ground into a fine paste mixed with a starchy flour made from the Payam as a binding agent and a solution rich in nutritional value. They are then deep-fried in which they puff up into a light and airy cracker. Excess oil is drained off with the crackers allowed to cool before packaging. One of the reasons they are so popular is due to the subtle Float Crab flavor some find normally overpowering otherwise. Others simply enjoy the flavor combined with the crispness of each bite.

Produced by: Prices

  • Small Bag: 1 KD
  • Medium Bag: 2 KD
  • Large Bag: 4 KD

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