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Iromakuanhe Conclave

The Conclave is the executive branch of the Government of the Astral Commonwealth, charged with implementing the laws passed by the House of Speakers and running the various governmental ministries in the Astral Commonwealth.

Conclave members and Iromakuanhe Ministries are unable to vote for legislation under the separation of powers established within the Iromakuanhe government, but may pass bills and resolutions into the House for voting. The Conclave and various Iromakuanhe Ministries are comprised of government officials who are selected by the House for their competence or backgrounds, from which the Makuzhar is elected.

The Conclave
Members 150 + Makuzhar
Ratio to House of Speakers 1-10


The powers of the Conclave are outlined below.

  • Selecting interim replacements for Ministers when needed. (Shared with Makuzhar)
  • Codify and implement new laws.
  • Speak with the House and Makuzhar about treaties or proposals from other nations.


The Conclave is set with being representatives at times, implementers at times, and at other times are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the people of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth. This is all decided upon by the House of Speakers that ensure the members and ministers of the conclave are positioned appropriately.

Members of the Conclave

The members of the Conclave are segmented into two groups, the ministers and the more general members.


Members of the Conclave are responsible for the more overarching activities of the Conclave. Instead of being responsible for a department, the members are responsible for being liaisons, implementing laws and codifying new ones. The members of the Conclave are most often tasked with being go-betweens for the Makuzhar and the House of Speakers as well as, in Aaki Loleth's case, speaking on behalf of the Iromakuanhe people.


Ministers are officials selected by the Conclave that are each given an aspect of the government to manage. They each head up large departments on their own, and are responsible for composing and presenting many of the resolutions that are considered by the government. Each Minister is only responsible for his own department, but is expected to cooperate with the other officials so that all affairs in the Commonwealth go smoothly.

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