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The Diaspora

The Diaspora is the informal term for the rogue colonies formed by Iromakuanhe dissidents after centuries of recurring exiles and postwar migrations away from the Iruotl System by disenfranchised fringe elements. Most of its constituent colonies were founded by former outer system Iruotl Cohronl, who went on to develop their own societies away from the core worlds. Because many of these colonies were founded by the remnants of nations defeated by the Astral Vanguard, they tend to have a more militaristic edge to them, and tend to be as distant from one another as they are from the home system. Conflicts between colonies are generally limited small-scale battles over contested worlds, but these battles are frequent and occasionally escalate into all-out warfare between fleets. Most of the factions involved in the conflict are, thankfully, unable to overtly conquer the other players in the Diaspora without significant risk to themselves.

The Diaspora was not formally acknowledged by the Astral Commonwealth for most of its history because of the implications it would hold for their legitimacy. Media censure and information control restricted access to any overt information about these Diaspora worlds, although many smugglers and outer system colonists had solid ties to these worlds. Recently forced into action after being attacked by the New Veyrin Republic, the Commonwealth has only now undertaken initiatives to contact these other colonies.

Although a peaceful nation, the most likely course of action for the Commonwealth will be to reclaim these colonies and bring them back into the fold. The idea of using warfare to retake the colonies is abhorrent to many Iromakuanhe, but the situation is as such that the Commonwealth has few more effective alternatives to end the continuing conflicts between these rogue breakaway states and ensure a lasting peace for itself.

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