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Dravdis School

The Dravdis School is a school situated within Maekardanii Orthodoxy, a mainstream religious thought of Maekardan that believes in the sanctity of the capital world and the duties of its inhabitants as the most important elements of the Dreamer Vigil. It is a school that encourages the cultivation of a strong sense of honor and justice among its adherents, and believes that a good life is not one lived in the absence of 'vices', but in the pursuit of a self free of personal weaknesses. The Dravdis School is popular among many Maekardanii and Sund Wakir, especially among those who live near or around the expanse. It is also somewhat ironically popular among criminal syndicates because it encourages strength of character without necessarily demanding compassion, and suggests that a person follows a code of rules without explaining that a person follow the laws of the land.

Like many schools, this ideology seems self-contradictory at times to outsiders, but the varying interpretations of students generally make sense of it on a personal basis. It is generally thought that the contradiction exists in order to force the student to rationalize their beliefs.


The Dravdis School instructs members to live freely, but to become free of what it considers to be weaknesses and follow a code of honor they define themselves. As a consequence, their treatment of 'high living' is not negative within a controlled context. They would accept a member who partakes of rich food, sexual experimentation or narcotics, but would not look kindly upon a person who gave into gluttony, or became addicted to sex or substances, as those are weaknesses. Deception, sloth and a lack of resolve are equally looked down upon, but those who wish to rise above their weakness are thought of well and encouraged to come into the fold.


  • “Pursue the justice that is good for your fellows.”
  • “The strongest shells grow in patterns, so nurture the self with code and routine.”
  • “Live free of weakness, and full of strength.”
  • “The gourmand is enlightened, but the glutton is weak.”
  • “The wise sit straight, the lazy lie on bloated stomachs.”

Differences from Orthodoxy

The Dravdis sits fairly well within the Orthodox religious beliefs of its native Maekardan, but falls prey to its own 'strengths'. It encourages followers to become stronger in character without defining the exact things it believes are strength, and suggests that a person follow a code of law without defining from where those rules should come. In many regards, it is a sect that reveals the character of a person, rather than one that can change it.

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